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You Are an Auditory Learner

Here are Your Super-Powers and a 10 Day Total Recall Learning Course Designed Just for You!

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As an auditory learner, you love to learn by listening.

You can strike up a conversation with almost anyone

You prefer to talk more than you like writing.

When you read, hear, or even use your hands to do something, you process new information and recall previous information in sounds.

You tend to repeat information in your mind as if you are hearing a person say it again, or you repeat it to yourself aloud.

    Here are More of Your Auditory Super-Power Characteristics

  • You benefit from reading aloud, and you learn best through listening
  • Easy to memorize what you hear
  • You like to listen to lectures, music, and others talking
  • You like talking to yourself
  • You are a good storyteller
  • You like talking more than writing
  • Creating visual images in your mind is not as natural for you
  • You tend to get distracted by additional noise around you (two people talking at once)
  • You prefer listening to the news instead of reading it
  • You remember names easily
  • It’s not an automatic skill to quickly understand graphs, diagrams, and maps because you think more in words than visuals
  • You love music
  • it’s easy to tell jokes and stories
  • You are often an articulate speaker
  • It’s easy for your to follow spoken directions well
  • You can easily repeat phone numbers aloud to remember them
  • You love it when you can speak up.
  • It’s not enjoyable for you to keep quiet for long periods of time
  • When you are intently listening, you often tilt your head to one side

Along with the characteristics above, you tend to speak in terms of sound, for example: Do you “hear” what I mean? Does that ring a bell?

Here are some things auditory learners can do to make learning easier:

Use music when studying if it has no words – Mozart is nice

  • Repeat information with your eyes closed
  • Use music with no words when studying or learning new information
  • Listen to podcasts or audiobooks
  • Study new material by reading it out loud
  • Use flashcards to learn new material and make sure to read them out loud
  • Remember that you need to hear things, not just see things, to learn well
  • Make sure it’s quiet so that someone is not talking to you when you are studying because you cannot concentrate as easily (their words will interrupt your thoughts)

As an auditory learner:

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