This 15-day faster learning program, with Pat Wyman’s live, personal guidance, is for learners who know:

  • they absolutely need a learning advantage
  • they want to double their reading speed
  • they need to maximize their memory
  • they need a system to work smarter and not harder 
  • that learning ‘how to learn’ in the 21st century is the key to their success because it’s the one critical skill that allows them to learn anything they choose
  • they need to improve their grades quickly
  • that having personal guidance works better than watching an online course on their own
  • that unleashing their brain power helps them achieve all their learning goals…no matter how much jobs or technologies change…

Let me ask you a question? 

Does Learning Ever Feel Like This to You?

If so, use this course, with personalized guidance, to transform these feelings and get a solid learning advantage in just 15 minutes a day

Get the one skill that matters for the rest of your life and become a confident learner who can learn in any job or situation.

Join over 500,000 learners worldwide, in schools, universities and corporations who have implemented these brain-backed strategies for learning success!

Along with thousands of elementary, middle and high schools!

Success Stories of People Who Mastered the How to Learn Anything Faster Training

We love Pat’s award-winning work and sponsored her books, giving them to over 5,000 teachers so they could help their students learn faster and more effectively.  J. Baptist, Microsoft


We taught these strategies to all our students and our school received the highest math test scores in the state! All our students’ grades went up! W. Powell, CA


These strategies raised my daughter’s grades from C’s and D’s and she got on the honor roll and stayed there! Thank you Pat! Debbie Lattuga, Parent


My son wanted desperately to get into his first choice high school. In fact, if he did not bring his grades up within 3 months, that was never going to happen. He had been struggling for 8 long years and nothing we did with any tutors worked. We realized we needed a Certified Learning Expert and not a single subject tutor and Pat Wyman was recommended to us. Pat first gave our son the Learning 2.0 Brain Advantage Assessment, and then worked with him in the How to Learn Anything Faster course. He raised his grades so quickly, that he was immediately accepted into the high school of his choice and continues to get very high grades! J. Tech, Parent


My daughter was told she would never read well enough to do well in school. Thankfully, Pat did not believe that information and taught her all the strategies in this course. One of the strategies even worked overnight! She went on to use these strategies all the way through school and I’m proud to say she achieved her dream of becoming a Psychologist! Thank you Pat for your caring and personalized attention that made such a difference in my daughter’s life. A. Langley, Parent

Our entire medical school, both medical students and faculty, took this course to improve our medical board scores and as results show, we were able to accomplish our goals! Touro University

and from the Professionals…

Pat has helped thousands of learners worldwide and I have recommended her work for years. She is truly a thought leader in her field and I highly recommend this course to everyone. Colin Rose, Author, Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century


Pat is the winner of the James Patterson Page Turner Award for her unique and important work in global literacy. This work is in included in the How to Learn Anything Faster Course. James Patterson Page Turner Award


Pat Wyman is every teacher’s dream of the perfect instructor and after taking this course, when I taught at Homestead High School, my student’s dramatically raised their grades. Today, I am a superintendent and I still recommend her course to any parent or teacher. Susan Enfield, Highline Public Schools


Pat is the most caring and dedicated professional I know. She will always go the extra mile to help every student, and every learner succeed. Her course is the best I’ve seen anywhere and her strategies work every time! J. Collins Meek, Ph.D. (aka Doc Meek); The Learning Clinic Worldwide, Canada


Develop a New-Found Confidence in Your Learning, Reading and Memory Abilities!

These-brain-backed strategies allow you to know you’ll succeed in learning, before you even begin because you can rely on the blueprint you receive during the course. You’ll have the kind of personalized guidance and mentoring that transforms all your learning! 

Imagine how you’ll feel and the look on your friends’ and parents’ faces when they see your next report card. 

This program is for you, even if you ever: 

  • Had that feeling in the pit of your stomach, that said what you have to learn is going to be too hard before you even start
  • Felt overwhelmed, wondering if you can possibly master and remember all the new information?
  • Watched someone else getting better results and felt like they were smarter somehow or had a better memory than you do
  • Studied really hard for something then didn’t get the scores you wanted
  • Had some gut-wrenching doubts about your ability to learn and read faster and remember easily  
  • Wanted to just give up sometimes
  • Tried to up-skill or re-skill to get a bigger paycheck at work but felt like it was taking way too long to master the all the new information being thrown your way
  • Felt like you have a bad memory but were too embarrassed to tell anyone
  • Wished you could just “focus” more but were not really sure how    

If you have had any of those feelings, then you’re not alone. 

And Here is the Reason Why It’s Not Your Fault…

School told you “what to learn” but never actually taught you “how to learn” it. 

This is like playing darts blindfolded isn’t it? Or like running a marathon without knowing how to walk, or workout first…

When no one shows you how your brain works, then it tends to be hit and miss with learning results. 

It’s also why you may be good in one subject and not another, and why you may feel overwhelmed when trying to learn new things.

Plus if the way schools taught was working, then everyone who is doing the exact same work in a classroom, should get the same results right? But they aren’t.

Did you know that over 65% of students do not read at grade level? And a similar number don’t perform at grade level in science or math? That really tells a story doesn’t it?

In school, instead of showing you ‘how to learn’ when you didn’t “get something” you got punished you with bad grades, low report cards and worse – right?. (If you really tried and then were punished for it, it’s hardly your fault.)

Why is This Course Different?

  • Because you’ll join other learners and get my personalized guidance and mentoring for 15 days. The results will serve you for a lifetime! 
  • You won’t be left on your own, and can ask questions any time during the course that you’d like. 
  • I’ll personalize your learning experience during bite-size lessons each day.
  • We’ll find out your personal learning preferences and use that to skyrocket your learning results. 
  • I’ll show you how to leverage your personal learning modality and even use cross-modal learning to maximize your grades and test scores.

My Mission: To Transform Your Learning Abilities and Give You The Most Important Skill You’ll Even Need 

Learning How to Learn…  

Pat WymanMy name is Pat Wyman and I’m the founder and CEO of I’ve taught every grade, am a university instructor and the author of over 15 best-selling  books.

I teach people to learn faster and more effectively by showing them “how to learn” and I’ve done this for over 30 years.

I’m also a reading specialist with a background in neuroscience, former school administrator and award-winning learning expert with a complete learning system to improve student learning results! My work has appeared in the Washington Post, Ladies Home Journal, Nick Jr. Magazine, ABC, NBC and on hundreds of radio and TV programs.

I’ve taught students in every grade, learners in corporations like Microsoft and Intel and more have used my strategies and sponsored my books, and I’ve even taught the faculty and staff in medical schools to help them achieve higher medical board scores.

In addition to my How to Learn Anything 100% Faster Program, I give the Learning 2.0 Brain Advantage Assessment and Career 2.0 Advantage Assessment to thousands of people worldwide. We uncover the top 27 skills that are essential to learning and career success and then quickly strengthen those that create the desired learning outcomes and career results.

What I’ve discovered over all these years is that every learner is at one of two stages and both impact their learning.

They are either at stage one where no one showed them “how to learn” so they lack the brain-based strategies to learn, read and remember faster, or they are at stage two, where no one has ever asked precisely the right questions, and as a result, they have a hidden learning roadblock that created a blip in their self-confidence. Without knowing what their hidden roadblock is, it affected their reading, memory or learning in school or work.  

I’ll be your expert learning coach inside the course, How to Learn Anything 100% Faster.

Do the best you can until you know better.

Then when you know better, do better!

Maya Angelou

What’s Inside the Course?

Calendar out the 15 days, (just 15-30 minutes a day) which includes one additional bonus day on “the power of focus”. It takes just 15 minutes a day for deep transformation.

You’ll enjoy the animated colorful graphics so you’ll have fun watching and listening.

They are all brain-friendly strategies and your super memory will kick right into gear with the pictures, just like a movie in your mind.

You should also know that everything in the course is backed by neuroscience and how the brain learns best!

No need to make this complicated at all – we’ll have fun with the information and you’ll be all set to learn anything with your Faster Learning Blueprint!

Here’s the Complete Overview of What’s Included…

Plus, we’ll have one extra bonus session on The Power of Focus to Boost Your Brain

15 Day Course begins on April 20th- May 6th (Sundays off!)

How do I Get Access This Course with Personal Guidance and Mentoring from Pat Wyman?

We meet at 1 PST, 3 CST, 4 EST for bite-size sessions of 15-30 minutes per day.

Each day, you receive a unique learning link that changes daily – and it’s yours alone so check your email.

Why Order Today?

3 Advantages Now

  1. The lowest price this personalized mentoring course will ever be offered for (normally it is $997)
  2. Join thousands of students who receive personal guidance from April 20th-May 5th where you learn each day and can ask me anything (no session on Sundays).
  3. Course guarantee (5 full days)

Your price for all 15, live personalized sessions is $97.

Or, want a payment plan? $8 per week for a total of $104. 

YES! I Want to Learn, Read and Remember Faster with Personal Mentoring from Pat Wyman, America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert! 

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By 2022 more than 60% of workers will be asked to re-skill and up-skill because jobs are changing so quickly. Now is the perfect time to take charge of your learning destiny and  learn “how to learn” anything 100% faster.

You’ll gain the mental edge and competitive advantage you need. In school and in work, knowledge is king!

Take the course on any device, but I highly recommend that you take this on your computer or laptop because of the larger size images, which are more brain-friendly and easier to recall.

5 Day Guarantee – No Questions Asked

I’ve been teaching this proven program for a very long time and know what works for every learner. With my personal guidance you’ll have the ability to ask me any questions you’d like during our time together. 

Should you have any questions, email Pat at fasterlearning (at) and I can’t wait to see you in the course! You may also call (707 799 3082)

With love and learning success to you always!

Would you like to  learn faster, double your reading speed and know in advance that you’ll succeed before you start learning anything new?

Then You Are in The Right Place!