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You Are a Kinesthetic Learner

Here are Your Super-Powers and the 10 Day Total Recall Learning Course Designed with You in Mind!

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As an kinesthetic learner, you love to learn by doing.

It’s essential for you to be able to make your materials hands-on so that you can physically interact with them.

Your feelings are very important to you, and you create feelings about new information you are learning.

When you read, listen, or even use your hands to do something, you process new information and recall previous information best by physically interacting with it. See more of your kinesthetic traits below:

      Here are More of Your Super-Power Characteristics

  • You enjoy movement and action
  • It is not easy for you to sit still for long periods of time, so it’s best to ask presenters or teachers if you can maybe stand up occassionally at the side or back of the room because it helps you learn when you move around – even holding a soft, small ball in your hand lets you feel movement as you are sitting
  • You like to use tools, manipulate things and build models
  • Hands-on teaching techniques are best for you
  • You tend to speak more slowly
  • You gesture a lot and any clutter in work or living space is ok, simply because you are not making images in your mind about it. So a disorganized environment is not of concern to you.
  • Demonstrations and role-playing work well for you
  • When you think of the past, you love to remember what you did more than what people said or how they looked
  • Your handwriting may not be very neat
  • It’s easier for you to memorize things by walking around and even saying them aloud as you move
  • Spelling is not usually your strong suit
  • You tend to use your hands to communicate
  • You are often very good at sports

Here are some things kinesthetic learners can do to make learning easier

  • Repeat information as you are moving around, jumping up and down or even riding a bike
  • Create a physical model of what you learned and explain it to someone else
  • Use your hands while learning new information (hand motions while reading a book)
  • It’s ok to shake your foot, tap your pencil, or use a fidget spinner while learning
  • Act out new information or role play with another person
  • When listening to a person lecture, ask their permission to get up occasionally and stand for a few minutes as they are speaking
  • When you are learning new information from a book make sure you are walking around

Along with the characteristics above, you tend to say things like, “I want to get a grip on this, do you know how it feels, I like a hands-on approach.”

As a kinesthetic learner:

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