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How to Learn Academy

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Get online courses from experts in parenting, teaching, ADHD, spelling, speed learning, speed reading and much more…

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Double Your Reading

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Double your reading speed in just 4 hours with this course from the world’s fastest reader.

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12 Advanced Reading Lessons

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Once you are speed reading, take your reading to the next level with these 12 advanced lessons from the world’s fastest reader!

Get advanced hand motions, learn how to mentally “absorb” text and super charge your reading abilities.

Develop reading talents that you’ve only dreamed of and accelerate your reading speed, comprehension and hone your ability to adjust the type of super reading skills you need to master even complex, technical materials.

Howard Berg is the world’s fastest reader and reads at a speed of over 25,000 words per minute. Go much further in this course than simply doubling your reading speed and acquire rocket-like reading skills!

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Super Memory Secrets

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Quickly improve your memory and accelerate all your learning! The world’s fastest reader will show you how in this online course, guaranteed to get results!


✅How to quickly recall numbers, dates, statistics, formulas and formulae
✅How to instantly learn and recall people’s names
✅Ways to quickly learn new facts from any text
✅How to remember the answers to questions asked in a text, posed at work, etc.
✅How rapidly learn a new language
✅80% of learning anything new requires that you remember vocabulary and other facts about the topic. In your Super Memory Secrets course, Howard shows you how to become a memory wizard. Astound your teachers, friends and co-workers with your new found memory skills!

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