Stephen Guffanti, M.D.

Who would have thought that the kid with ADHD, dyslexia and ODD, who was also kicked out of nearly every school—and voted by his family likely to end up in jail—would become a successful medical doctor, man with strong family values married to the same woman for well over 30 years, best-selling author and inspiring, hilarious and sought-after speaker and online course instructor? (See preview video below).

No wonder one of Stephen Guffanti MD’s favorite messages is this: “Your child may never be normal—but he can be extraordinary!”

As a medical doctor, author, and online course instructor, Stephen Guffanti, M.D., offers a unique background and tremendous insight. He communicates with empathy, warmth and humor. From his unusual perspective with ADHD he brings real solutions, hope and understanding to families. Born with a passion for education as well as medicine, Dr. Steve has served as the medical director of a clinic specializing in ADHD and has studied nutrition and its effects on learning.

You can benefit from his own experience, that of his patients where he prefers to use those methods instead of drugs, and move from a life of overwhelm to one of peace at home and in school.

Course Preview Video:

Learn more about Dr. Guffanti’s course, 5 Simple Ways to Motivate Your ADHD Child, where you can move from overwhelm to peace in your home and at school in just a few short hours.  His best-selling book, Does Your Child Really Have ADHD? is FREE inside his online course.

Dr. Steve’s books include:

Does Your Child Really Have ADHD? does your child really have adhd?

This best-selling book is FREE as an ebook inside Dr. Guffanti’s online course, 5 Simple Ways to Motivate Your ADHD Child. This expanded version of Stephen Guffanti M.D.’ s popular workshops gives parents healing, hope, tools and solutions for relationships, school issues and inattentiveness. It also reveals how medication fails families.

This is the book about which parents say, “This saved our family.” This book, which includes 2 cds of Dr. Guffanti’s ADHD talks, is a life-changing tool for families. Now also includes free emailed gift booklet, “Hands-on Tips for Hands-on Learners—And More!”

Rocket Phonicsrocket phonics

Hands down the best phonics program available today, Rocket Phonics is fast, fun, easy-to-use, over three times as effective, and half the cost of competing programs.

Rocket Phonics is a research-based, scientifically-proven reading program—multi-sensory and game-based—for children ages 4–10 that takes your child from non-reader to 5th grade reading level in two years or less! A recent UCLA study showed students using Rocket Phonics learned nearly 4 months’ reading skill each month they used the program.

Imagine how happy and confident your child will be when he or she is reading with ease, above grade level. And Rocket Phonics is so easy for you to use—no prep-time! Plus, it’s non-consumable. Includes big movement games for preschoolers and active learners, spelling, writing, additional reading selections and much more! The Rocket Phonics kit has a 90-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Purpose of Passion Purpose of Passion

Your child has a passion that brings him or her joy. Find and feed that joy and watch the extraordinary unfold.

Helpful for parents wanting to encourage their children, The Purpose of Passion is the Guffantis’ newest work on the value of tailoring your children’s curriculum to help them follow their passion. Learn about the healing purpose of passion, passion’s pitfalls and its ultimate purpose. Now includes The Purpose of Passion CD.

A popular guest on radio talk shows and webinars, Dr. Steve has written many articles in homeschooling publications including The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Crosswalk, CHAP Magazine, WHO’s News, and more.

Dr. Steve’s passions include creating curriculum to meet the needs of all kids, following God’s plan, and encouraging homeschool families with fresh insights, useful everyday tools, and humor.

He is also the founder of