Personalized Learning Assessments

Does Your Child Struggle in School?

  • Good in one subject but not another?
  • Barely squeaking by with low, below average or even failing grades?
  • Are you dreading the nightly homework battles?
  • Feel like you’re “tearing out your hair” in frustration?
  • Think your child is smart but not “trying hard enough”?
  • Child seems to struggle in reading or math, act out or stay silent?
  • Feel like nothing else has worked so far?

What would happen if you knew the real truth behind why these struggles occur and what to do about them? Give your child the Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint.

Once you implement the simple steps, you receive the information to solve stubborn learning roadblocks, and help your child to become a very successful, life-long and happy learner. We don’t want to know how much intelligence your child has – we want you to know what kind.

Dear Parents,
Picture what your life will be like when you have a personalized blueprint that creates predictable, positive results for your child…

  1. You’re delighted with test grades and report cards…and can even celebrate them with your whole family…
  2. Your child is not working twice as hard as everyone else in subjects like reading, writing, math and others…
  3. Your child willingly and easily completes his or her homework…
  4. Teacher conferences are over quickly and the teacher has very positive things to report…
  5. Your hair is intact :-) and your home-life is peaceful

Pat Wyman

Hi, I’m Pat Wyman and I’d like to share a very personal story with you…

Basically, I WAS YOU and my own two children experienced all the same problems I mentioned above. At first, I did not have immediate solutions, but within a very short period of time, my extensive research led me the answers I needed.

After I quickly understood that tutoring would not solve either of their struggles long term, I created a customized program that worked easily for both of them.
It worked so well, that I’ve used The Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint for 30 years now, and solved learning challenges for students all over the world.

This program is completely customized to discover your child’s individual learning strengths and the areas that need improving. More importantly, once you have that information, there is a personalized solution to go with it.

Meet Erin – my daughter who is a Neonatologist – (a doctor who helps save the lives of sick and premature infants) and  my son, J.P. who works in Child and Protective Services.

My daughter at her medical fellowship graduation.

My son taking kids to Disneyland.

The Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint is one-of-a-kind and you will not find anything else like it on the planet.

It changed my children’s lives and this is why I am so passionate about helping kids learn. When you know you can change a child’s life for the better, it will have an impact for a lifetime.

“A Blueprint is a system that creates predictable results.”

Don’t ask how much intelligence, ask what kind?

How the Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint Works in 4 Easy Steps

  • We give your child child a comprehensive, 29 area, personalized assessment that will reveal both learning strengths and the Root Cause of Learning Challenges (we’ll do this live online, via skype and you stay in the comfort of your own home).
  • Next, 2-3 weeks later, you receive the 9-15 page Personalized Learning Solutions Blueprint, with individualized booklets in the mail. It will who you the results of the Assessment along with recommendations on  “How to Give Learning Roadblocks” the boot”.
  • The Blueprint contains a Personalized Notebook of short booklets to strength-training weaker areas as well as other, very specific  learning solutions designed just for your child .
  • Your child will use the short training booklets for just about 5-15 minutes per day, and follow the other recommendations.
  • You also receive a a program called “How to Win the School Game” Study Skills  System, along with any additional recommendations you need.
  • This course is chock full of proven learning strategies that have already raised the grades of thousands of children and shown them “how to learn” for a lifetime.

For example, if one of the weaker areas shows up to be reading or reading comprehension, your child’s Personalized Learning Solutions Blueprint you’ll let you know what really happens when he or she reads as well as “how” your child perceives what is on the printed page.

You will know whether your child skips lines, does not actually realize that punctuation is there, places words from the line above into the line below, and more.

Then you will understand that these are all under-developed perceptual issues that can be trained so your child easily reads and has great comprehension.

If your child has under-developed spatial skills, it will affect their grades in math. Again, these can be easily trained so your child’s math grades improve.

When kids struggle to learn, it is not their fault. The worn-out reasons you’re given don’t hold up to scrutiny according to neuroscientists and learning experts who study the brain. They KNOW HOW LEARNING OCCURS AND WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS IN THE BRAIN!

They also know that “intelligence” can be trained due to the brain’s ability to change and that this training affects achievement performance.

BUT, you have to pinpoint the learning roadblocks and the root cause BEFORE your child thrives, loves to learn and becomes a successful life-long learner.

Once you know the root causes of your child’s learning struggles, then answers are like those in the movie, Man on Fire, with Denzel Washington. He teaches Pita to swim and says there is no such thing as tough… there is only trained and untrained.

Credit: Christopher Mabe on Pinterest

Credit: Christopher Mabe on Pinterest



When your child struggles to learn, many well-meaning people will tell you the problem exists but NOT THE ACTUAL ROOT cause for the learning problem. This is why parents are so frustrated that nothing seems to work as they desperately try to help.

Knowing your child is below grade level in anything is meaningless. It does not tell you the root cause of why that is the case nor does having your child practice more of what they are untrained in already.

It’s as if telling you to put on the learning roof before building the learning foundation.

You have to ask yourself – do you honestly know what is going on inside your child’s mind when he or she is trying to read, write, remember,or take a test?

Until you do, things won’t really change.

If you hear these words from anyone, nod politely and end the conversation.

  • “Your child is not reading at grade level.”

    Standardized tests never tell you “how” your child perceives what they read or how the letters look to them on a printed page. They also don’t tell you why your child has to re-read things 10 time in order to remember and understand it.

    (WHEN SOMEONE TELLS YOU your child is not reading a grade level, YOU NO INFORMATION AS TO WHY OR WHAT TO DO – you have to know how things on the page look to your child, how they feel when they read and until you use the Personalized Learning Solutions Blueprint you have no idea why it takes your child longer to comprehend and why they have to re-read things10 times to “understand them.”

  • “Your child has low reading comprehension.”(AGAIN – YOUR BIGGEST QUESTION has to be  WHY THIS IS TRUE – NOT THAT IT EXISTS.) The typical reasons such de-coding problems, phonics issues, and words like your child is smart but not living up to potential won’t ever help solve the problem.) WHEN KIDS DON’T COMPREHEND THEIR READING, YOU DON’T HAVE THEM PRACTICE BY READING MORE AND READING LONGER IN ORDER TO IMPROVE COMPREHENSION. This is like a doctor telling a person with an injured knee to run on it more so it will heal.If you know what your child actually does in their mind when they try and comprehend like you will in the Personalized Learning Solutions Blueprint, then you will actually solve reading comprehension issues by training the things that create excellent reading comprehension and remove the roadblocks in their way to better understanding of what they read
  • “Your child won’t sit still, can’t remember homework assignments, forgets to turn things in on time, they are sloppy when working in class, and can’t remember instructions. Maybe your child has ADHD.”

    I can’t say enough about this one. If a child is a good “seat-sitter” does that make your child a good student?

    According to medical doctors like Stephen Guffanti, M.D. and Frank Barnhill, M.D. who have written many books about the more than 60 things that look like ADHD but aren’t really ADHD, if you don’t really know “why” your child forgets or can’t recall instructions, then you will want to find out before, as Dr. Guffanti says, ‘drugging your child for not being a good seat sitter and forgetting homework at school’.

    “Poor behavior in school is rarely the result of being a “bad” person. It is almost always because a child has hidden learning struggles that have not been identified and the child has no way of using their words to tell you how much it hurts when they try and learn, so they give up and act out”. (Pat Wyman)


  • “Your child’s essay writing is not up to par.”

    Once again – you have to know why this is so.

    Typical standardized tests will never tell you how your child thinks when he or she writes, in what order those thoughts occur, why or whether your child can get the words out onto paper that are in his or her mind.

    Essay writing is actually easy to solve because, like all other subjects – there is a formula that great students follow. We teach that formula, but more importantly, we’ll tell you why the roadblock is there in the first place and then how to resolve it.


  • “Your child’s math skills are below grade level.”

    Here’s the skinny on math. If your child is excellent in math then he or she has strong figural and symbolic abilities, good inferential memory and strong notational processes. If these abilities are not well-developed, then this is the real reason your child struggles in math and the Personalized Learning Solutions Blueprint identifies these weak areas and gives you the way to strengthen them.

When I was in high school, I had a geometry teacher tell me I was “stupid and would never understand math” in front of the whole class.

Wow! That one hurt me all the way through graduate school. But no more – as soon as I learned which skills needed to be strong in order to be good in geometry, the low-math self-esteem went right out the window.

Here is How To Get Started and Enroll Your Child for the Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint


This is for students ages 8-college and space is very limited.

First: Email our office – or call 707-837-8180 to schedule a FREE 15 Minute Consultation.

(Be sure and set into your safe senders contact list so we can be sure you receive our communications.

NEXT, once you have scheduled the Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint, we will mail you the Learning Assessment Package so that we can assess your child in the 29 foundational learning areas that relate to learning success.

In addition, we email you an Intake form, which you fill out and either scan and email back to us, or mail it to our office. Again – no driving – stay in the comfort of your own home. The Learning Abilities Assessment portion takes place online on skype. 

  1. Make sure that your child does not have access to the package of materials ahead of time so that the assessment gives you the correct information. Also, make sure your child is in a very quiet environment with no distractions.
  2. 2. The Learning Abilities Assessment that reveals 29 areas of foundational learning strengths and learning roadblocks takes about four hours for us to administer. We will determine if that takes place in one day, or two and let you know. This is based on your child’s age.

We will be sure to include plenty of breaks for your child, and make sure they have a healthy, non-sugar, more protein based meal or snack prior to the Assessment.

Some parents opt to have their children tested on a school day when no other tests at school are being given and they tell the teacher in advance. That is because children are often highly scheduled in their sports and other after school activities, but we also include a Saturday Assessment Date.

What You Receive

  1. The intake form by email and the 29 area Personalized Learning Assessment in the mail, to have ready for our Assessment Appointment Time.
  2. The Personalized Learning Solutions Blueprint following the Assessment (9-15 pages REPORT mailed to you within 3 weeks of Assessment).It includes results and complete recommendations on how to solve YOUR CHILD’S learning roadblocks, as well a NOTEBOOK OF Personalized Learning Booklets to strengthen any areas causing your child difficulty. These booklets match the Learning Solutions Blueprint results and are personalized to your child. Work on them for only 5-15 minutes per day to strengthen any weak AREA that show up on the Personalized Learning Solutions Blueprint.
  3. The How to Win the School Game Program with learning success strategies in all subject areas. These videos are delivered once per week.


Total for Peace of Mind

Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint Personalized Learning booklets based on Assessment, two books


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Split the payment into two portions. $ 475.00 prior to the assessment, and $475.00 following the assessment, prior to receiving Personalized Learning Booklets and Additional Materials


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Have more questions or want your child assessed by Pat Wyman on an individual skype call? Ask us by calling our office at 707 837 8180.


Bio: Pat Wyman, M.A.    (What Others Say About The Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint is below the bio)

Pat Wyman, M.A. is a college instructor of education for teachers in continuing education, best-selling author of several books, including Smarter Squared: How to Use Personalized Learning to Master School Faster and Create the Future Your Want; Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster, Instant Learning for Amazing Grades, founder of and known as America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert.

She has numerous teaching credentials, is a reading specialist, holds a school Administrative Services Credential, has had experience as a school vice principal, and is the creator of the Personal Learning Styles Inventory, which is used by thousands of schools and corporations around the world.

Her website, has been online since 1996, has over 2.4 million visitors a year and she is is the recipient of the James Patterson Page Turner Award for her work to enhance literacy. She has testified on improving school vision screenings, and her materials and strategies are used in over 5,000 schools world-wide.

Companies such as Microsoft and Nordic Naturals have generously sponsored her books to give away to thousands of students.

Have Pat Wyman come to your area

If you have a group of 15  or more students who want to take the Personalized Learning Assessment Solutions Blueprint, call our office and Pat will schedule a visit to your town to give the assessment to students in your group. Call 707-837-8180.

What Other Parents Have to Say


Our son who is 13, was having great difficulty in school and we tried everything imaginable. We literally spent thousands on tutoring that did not work. Then, we had Pat Wyman do the Personalized Learning Assessment and provide him with the Learning Solutions Blueprint. Based on the dramatic and very positive results we feel that The Personalized Assessment and Solutions Blueprint is priceless! If you are even on the fence a little, ask yourself, what is it worth to have your child succeed in school and how will it change your life, and your child’s life?

As soon as we got the Personalized Learning Solutions Blueprint report and followed Pat Wyman’s recommendations all our son’s grades went up! His reading improved by more than 2 grade levels. He remembers his assignments and follows directions. He knows how to write a quality essay and is doing really well in school. Our whole family is ecstatic now that we finally discovered the real reasons he was struggling and how to fix them!

The Tech Family


I used the strategies in this program from grade 3 all the way through graduate school to achieve my dream of getting a doctorate. Thank you for the Personalized Learning Solutions Blueprint Pat.
Katie Langley

Psy. D.

My daughter, Katie, was really suffering in school. She had reading problems and although we had taken her to several specialists, everyone just said she was bright, but not achieving to her potential. Then a friend told me about the Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint.

We learned that Katie simply did not see the page the way other kids did, and her eyes were not working well together as a team. We got the colored overlays in the I Read I Succeed Vision Fitness Kit that Pat recommended and after doing the exercises, I am proud to say, Katie quickly caught up and even began to read above grade level. We followed all the other strategies in the book and used the booklets, and Katie graduated, with high honors, from high school! Today, she has her Psy.D as a Psychologist. Thank you Pat is not enough for what you’ve done for my daughter. Her whole life has changed, she is happy and achieved her dreams, all because your love for children blessed our lives. God Bless you.

Ann Langley

Ph. D.

I was failing one of my courses and if I took it again and did not pass, I would not graduate to become a first assistant surgical tech. Pat’s Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint showed me exactly what to do, how to learn and strengthen my memory of complex medical concepts.

I passed the exam as soon as I understood what really created my struggles in the first place! Today, I’m working in a very prestigious hospital all because I asked for, and got precisely the type of help that cannot be found anyplace else.

What’s more, she did the very same thing for my daughter and now she’s got a terrific report card ! I don’t know what we would have done if we had not found Pat Wyman’s Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint. Thank you!

J. Simpson

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