Reading Success

As part of the Preparation Day for and of the Total Recall Learning ™ series of courses, please save this Eye-Q Reading Inventory to your computer.

Click on the link below, download it and save it to your computer. Then print it out.

The Eye Q Reading Inventory is to provide you with information so you can experience reading success.

FINAL Eye Q Reading Inventory for Total Recall Learning Course SA 720 for pdf

Directions: Set the timer on your phone for 6-10 minutes, read a book without pictures (at your level) that you have not read before. Use your voice recorder and record yourself.

When finished, then answer the questions on the Eye-Q Reading Inventory. There are no right or wrong answers – just questions asking you how you “feel” when reading and what types of things you do as you read.

If you have any questions, simply email us at fasterlearning (at)