Pat Wyman

Pat Wyman is America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert,  best selling author of over 30 books, reading specialist, university instructor of education for teachers, internationally acclaimed speaker, legislative expert on vision and reading, and the founder of the award-winning website, and

Pat Wyman’s credentials are impeccable as a former K-12 teacher with several life teaching credentials, a school administrative credential, second language teaching certification, current university instructor of reading and education for teachers, reading specialist credential and is also literacy advocate who testifies on school vision screening legislation.

She is very passionate about how people learn, their learning and reading success, raising the self-esteem of every learner and has championed children for over 25 years. Her many books and programs have proven strategies that have raised student grades and test scores.

Wyman is also on a mission to help every person read at or above grade level and is the recipient of the James Patterson Page Turner Award for her work to enhance literacy.

She began the Amazing Grades Global Initiative for Academic Excellence with her worldwide goodwill book called Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster.

Wyman collaborated and brought together 101 authors and experts in it from 13 countries around the world who help students with both strategic learning strategies and life skills in all areas to help them succeed in school, and enhance their college and career readiness.

Every company is confident that their message is in good hands when Pat lend’s her media, learning or reading expertise to their message or product.

Pat has frequently appeared in the media in such publications as the Washington Post, Nick Jr. Family Magazine, Woman’s World and more, as well as radio and T.V. guest.

She is regularly asked to review and endorse quality educational products and programs, making her an ideal spokesperson.

Wyman is dynamic and passionate about learning and reading success, thus bringing a warm love and sense of humor with your message, making her especially media savvy.

During the past several years, Pat has appeared both in print interviews/ads, infomercials, radio and TV appearances for highly successful best-selling authors such as Mark Victor Hansen in the Enlightened Millionaire Protégé Program; Accelerated Learning Corporation International’s infomercial plus print interviews for several of their learning programs.

On her website, Pat Wyman has brought together a vast community of experts who help visitors with their expertise, articles, webinars and teleseminars, allowing learners of all ages to achieve their full potential.

The Study Skills Made Easy Membership community on gives students throughout the world a free digital copy of the book, Amazing Grades, along, with a free month’s trial in the community membership site that provides them with experts to answer questions, bi-monthly live teleseminars and webinars to get their questions answered and over $2,000 worth of educational materials during the year. The membership program is part of the Amazing Grades Global Initiative for Academic Excellence and at only $8 per month, makes the valuable information accessible to all.

Wyman’s book, Amazing Grades has been sponsored by such corporations as Microsoft, Nordic Naturals and several more and her mission is to give away a copy of Amazing Grades to every student around the world. If you are a corporation whose missions is aligned with helping students learn, keeping students in school, giving books away, helping schools and communities in any way, raising student self-esteem and would like to sponsor Amazing Grades digital book give away, please email Pat using this contact form.

Pat Wyman is an expert in Personalized Learning and blogs as a “Hot Topic Personalized Learning Expert” on Microsoft Partner’s in Learning site.

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