Academic Gameplan for Student Athletes

Student Athletes

rehad the semester


Rehab The Semester (Coach’s Proven Formula to Saving GPA and Staying Eligible) 


Laptop Lunacy: Coach’s “Power of How” to Inspire Students in a Distracted World


Student GPS

AGP 101-The Student GPS System

Designed to inspire through a new approach towards education that is fresh and purpose driven.  AGP 101 teaches Life Skills that result in immediate and lasting success.


The Ultimate Solution

The Parent’s Ultimate Solution

We’ve observed that young people are disconnected from the meaning of school.  The Ultimate Solution offers parents easy solutions to help their kids see the big picture.


EXPERT: Coach John Baxter

Coach John Baxter

Coach John Baxter is a 30 year college football coach whose core mission is to inspire young people to reach competitive excellence in all areas of their life by connecting them to the big picture.  His unique approach has proven to work for thousands of students, including student-athletes at major Universities like USC.

Rehab the semester