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Do you or your child experience any of the following?

 ADHD challenges at home.

 Behavior issues at home, play or school.

 Lower grades than you’d like in school.

 Inability to concentrate and feel like you just can’t be “still”.

 Rush through work just to get it done.

 Jump from a new task without finishing the one before it.

 Have racing thoughts.

 Feel like you could use a boost in your self-confidence. 


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COLLINS MEEKJ. Collins Meek, B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D. , Neurological Learning Specialist 

Dr. J. Collins Meek is the founder of The Learning Clinic Worldwide and is a neurological learning specialist who gets results for you quickly with his extensive experience treating and resolving your ADHD challenges.  He has 30 years experience in ADHD, teaching, learning, school administration.

Email Dr. Meek for a FREE 15 minute consultation at docmeek (at) gmail .com


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