Step-Up Your Speed Reading To The Max

With Howard Berg’s 12 Advanced Lessons…

 You’re the kind of person who understands the importance of reading and learning faster.

You’ve already experienced the incredible learning power released in the Maximum Power Reading Program which doubles your speed. That’s why you are going to get very excited about the opportunity to have Howard personally teach you an advanced lesson each month crucial for maximizing your results.

 Let’s be honest about the importance of reading and learning at your peak rate.    You know that information is the basis for the global economy, and ultimately determines your success.   In just a few short hours, you were able to double your reading speed.

Imagine what an hour online advanced lesson with Howard can help you achieve.

Here is a small sample of the unique material you will receive in these 12 easy lessons


  • New speed-up drills so you can read as fast as you’d like
  • Additional hand motions and practice exercises  designed to maximize your comprehension of all types of material
  • How to target and learn specific subject areas (any subject you choose) with precision and speed
  • How to focus and concentrate more despite outside disruptions
  • Helps you study and learn new things faster
  • Much, much, more

 Your program unlocks the secrets of super-fast reading and learning and give you a skill you can use for the rest of your life.   This skill may well determine your future success.

You Will Receive:

12 Mp4 online digital videos (each is about one hour) and they are delivered once per month.

Samples of Online Videos that you can access any time from any device:

Lesson 7






You might expect 12 advanced lessons from Howard to cost hundreds of dollars.

As a special offer for members, you can get the full set of 12 lessons for only $197.

As always, you will have access to Howard to make sure you succeed.

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