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Meet the Capital Letters

alphabet anatomy

Meet the Capital Letters



Linda Ann JonesLinda Ann Jones is the founder of AlphabetAnatomy and the author of Alphabet Anatomy’s first book in the series, Meet the Capital Letters.  

Linda’s passion is to empower children with foundational reading and writing skills to help ensure their enjoyable, rewarding, and successful educational journey – enabling them to reach their full potential and become all they desire to be. 

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ALPHABET ANATOMY: the Art of Learning the Letters and their Lives!

The enlivened letters of Alphabet Anatomy grasp the complexity of reading and enable children to master it in a feasible and enjoyable way.  For the first time ever, life has been breathed into the alphabet!  Alphabet Anatomy helps eliminate potential reading struggles by presenting a colorful life and personality for each letter that cleverly interweaves its four fundamental components.  Alphabet Anatomy’s rhyming verses also uniquely instruct on how to write each letter, thus its anatomy – so reading and writing occur simultaneously and inter-relatedly.  Children acquire both a visual and auditory means for easy recall of each letter.







“As a preschool teacher I am always looking for ways for my students to develop pre-writing and writing skills.  Because of the newer demands of kindergarten, children are pretty much required to know how to already write by the time they step foot into their kindergarten classroom.  Alphabet Anatomy shows children how to write each letter….  I am very much looking forward to using this book in my classroom. The pictures and the fun descriptions of each letter will even cause the not so eager writer to want to try to make each letter. I think that this is a necessary addition to all preschool book shelves! Even lower elementary classrooms will benefit from this book!”  Maria Taylor

“Author Linda Jones and her illustrator son Branson Jones has created a wonderful pre-k/kindergarten book to teach kids the capital letters. The wonderful rhyming descriptions explain how to draw the letters, gives a word to help remember the letter. As a teacher who started out teaching kindergarten I can definitely see the value in having this book on your shelf. If I was teaching kindergarten today I would project one letter at a time, read the rhyme and have the students practice drawing the letter. I think this should be on every kindergarten classroom shelf.” Sandra K. Stiles

Coming soon: Meet the Lower Case Letters


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