Top 101 Best Educational Websites 2013

top 101 best educational websites is proud to bring you the

Top 101 Best Educational Websites 2013

Our team personally reviews each site, so that you know these sites are of the highest quality and have the top 101 best educational websites as your go-to resource right at your fingertips throughout the year.

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Are you sure your child really has ADHD? Get the FREE report on 7 things you can do to get your ADHD Child Ready For School.

top 101 best educational

Find out whether your child really has ADHD from Stephen Guffanti, M.D. Take the FREE ADHD test, how to parent the extraordinary child and discover tips to make your hectic live more peaceful.


Adult Learning

Seminars to Help You Learn Faster and Communicate Better

Target Learning offers “real-world” seminars that show you how to use your personal learning and thinking style to learn and communicate new information more efficiently and effectively at work, school and home.

You can choose from Customized Training Seminars, Public Seminars, Online Seminars and Individual Instruction.

Contact us here




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Stop bullying now with these helpful tips from America’s leading expert on bullying, Dr. Kathy Seifert. She will show you how to prevent it  from happening and how to deal with it if it is already happening.

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To raise awareness and support families and children who are being impacted by bully-related issues in their school or community.


Triwords 440x100 banner 2

Triwordz is a revolutionary new spelling word game that challenges players to spell words with triangular shaped tiles. Score points by spelling words, but score even more points by spelling words within words.

A great spelling game to expand your knowledge of words that you already know, and a chance to learn new words. If you love playing word games, Triwordz is triangularly like no other. Available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Play today! 

Download for free at  



Incredible Art Department

The Art Machine



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Autism Fitness is the leading resource for informational products, workshops, consulting, and staff training for integrating fitness programs with the ASD population. Sign up for our newsletter and receive the FREE “Top 8 Exercises for Autism Fitness” manual.

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Real Blogs from People Tackling the Puzzle of Autism. Join Autisable to share your Journey and connect with others.


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I CAN Finish College” is the source for everything they don’t tell you about college. Learn how to overcome any obstacle to finishing college and get a FREE email consultation from Dr. Marcia Cantarella.

Hippo Campus

College Savings

Simple Tuition

Education Portal


TOP 101 BEST EDUCATIONAL has one mission to help you find the best college or university for you. Designed to assist students who would like to enroll in a degree or certification program, we provide a comprehensive directory of online and campus schools located across the country.

EDUCATIONAL COMPUTER GAMES is the leader in free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web. All children’s educational computer activities were created or approved by certified school teachers. All educational games are free and are modeled from primary grade lessons and enhanced to provide an interactive way for children to learn.

Grade level lessons incorporate areas such as math and language arts while introducing basic computer skills. Many of the kindergarten and first grade activities are equipped with sound to enhance understanding. Fun children’s Holiday activities are available in grade level sections!

Apple, The New York Times, Disney Family Fun Magazine and Fox News have featured’s award-winning games and apps.


Discount School Suppy

Discount School Supplies

Extreme discounts on all school supplies and educational materials!  One of our favorite sites!



Free Rice


English Vocabulary Exercises


Tutor Phil

The Home Scholar


YoungBizYoungBiz YoungBiz USA is known as a world leader in business, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy education for children, teenagers, and young adults. The mission of YoungBiz USA is to empower youth/young adults with financial, business, and entrepreneurial skills through innovative education and real-world experience. YoungBiz USA provides financial literacy and entrepreneurship curriculum to all public, private, charter schools and the homeschool community. While also providing year round programs, camps and workshops for youths and educators.


My Money

Rich Kid Smart Kid

U.S. Mint


Mango Languages




Kids Geo

Sheppard Software


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Read & Craft your way through history with A Book In Time, a one-stop source for history teachers and home-schooling parents for reading suggestions and crafts, as well as games, timelines, and maps on any historical time period. All books, crafts, and games are in chronological order for American and World History.  Recommended books are listed with a suggested grade level and short review, and each is linked to an affiliate for more information or to purchase.

Library of Congress

Smart History


top 101 best educational websites

Any Time is the Right Time for Time4Learning! Because membership includes a full year’s worth of curriculum, you can start & stop whenever you like and use it based on your family’s unique needs! Enjoy 24/7 access to three grade levels worth of materials in each subject, parent tools, teaching resources and more– all provided within an automated online system that grades lessons and keeps reports. Get details

Family Time Fitness – Fitness 4 Homeschool – Don’t know what to do for Physical Education?  Fitness 4 Homeschool is the answer! 260 planned lessons for the whole family. Laugh, spend quality time together, develop core motor skills, increase energy, and increase learning capabilities. Visit our website for more info and use this 15% OFF (FTF15101) coupon!


An online full curriculum for parents, and anyone alike, of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers-daily lesson plans specifically for your child’s age group; ranging from 6 months to 5 years.  1000’s of educational resources such as eBooks, printables, parenting resources and child development questions, themed unit plans, phonics area, seasonal activity ideas, and tons more! Being a member, is like having an easy button at home.  Created by a teacher who’s a parent, for any parent to be the teacher!

top 101 best educational, the #1 homeschooling community, has plenty of information to help you teach your child at home. With printables, curriculum reviews, homeschooling resources and a forum to interact with other parents, you’ll find everything you need to help you decide whether homeschooling is the right option for you.




Assignment Expert


Kids Click

Soft Schools

Brain Pop


Scholastic Book Wizard

Chomp Chomp

English Zone



best educational

Learnist helps people to learn from and teach each other about a wide range of academic and casual learning topics. Users curate digital and online resources into a media-rich board, called a Learn Board, to share their expert knowledge. Learnist for iPad and Learnist for iPhone were launched in September 2012 helping people learn about anything, anywhere. Learnist was included in TIME magazine’s best websites in 2012.



The Big Bus

ELS 4 Kids



top 101 best educational

Over 80 Family Activities: weekly trips, nature activities, outdoor activities, at-home activities, recommended games, and recommended books. Download your FREE copy today.

Good Learners

College Academic Support

Learning Rx



top 101 best educational is the # 1 learning site online with a clearinghouse of information on how to learn and solving learning and reading problems. Take the FREE Learning Styles Quiz, and find Instant Learning® tips, resources and with faster learning strategies in all subject areas.



top 101 best educational

The Math Without Borders DVDs provide a complete high school math experience for homeschoolers by supplementing the best existing high school math textbooks with solid teaching by an experienced teacher.

Math is Fun


Math Playground

Cool Math



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Comprehensive approach to boosting memory and learning power by optimizing hormone balance which controls the brain. Author Richard Shames, M.D., recommends you take the FREE Self-Evaluation Quick Quiz


Memory Improvement Tips


Songs For Teaching

The Music Lab

Classics For Kids 



A Research Guide




Teachers, parents, and students can benefit from more than 45,000 free K-12 learning resources — including complete courses, units, lesson plans, videos, e-textbooks, and games. This non-profit educational website has helped 8 million users find learning materials contributed by teachers and peer-reviewed by the Curriki community. Subjects include math, science, technology, social studies, language arts, health, and more.


top 101 best educational

CK-12 Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving learning for all students by providing free and open access to educational materials.  CK-12’s current offerings include the FlexBook Platform® for customizing multi-modal STEM content, FlexMath for Algebra I, BrainGenie for practicing math and science, and INeedAPencil for SAT preparation.





Worried about ADHD or other parenting and behavior issues? Start by signing up to our email list and instantly get our FREE ebook – ‘Facts About ADHD Children – Tips for ADHD Parenting’, PLUS updates on parenting tips sent to your inbox on a regular basis.


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Dr. Tim Elmore and the Growing Leaders team offer innovative resources to help parents and teachers understand, engage and equip the next generation.

Parenting Teens


top 101 best educational

The association provides expert and innovative solutions in professional development, capacity building, and educational leadership essential to the way educators learn, teach, and lead.



RE_Banner1Reading Eggs

Reading Kingdom is a groundbreaking, research-based online reading & writing program for students in K-3. It is the only program available that uses the patented 6-SIM “Six Skill Integrated Method” developed by Dr. Marion Blank from Columbia University, who is one of the world’s leading experts on literacy and language development. Reading Kingdom is adaptive, students can use it on their own, it works as a curriculum or for intervention, and it’s incredibly effective.


top 101 best educational

America’s # 1 Speed Reading Expert and course creator, Abby Marks Beale, teaches speed reading to busy professionals, educators and students.

Reading Rockets

Kids Reads

Succeed To Read



Specializing in Apologia-based live-feed, online recorded, DVD, flash drive, and e-Notebook science courses. According to Dr. Jay L. Wile, “This program is run by the most gifted teacher with whom I have ever worked.” Each course provides 32 video lessons and over 500 web site links to extended course information.

A Plus Physics

Energy Kids

Science Made Simple

Science: Human Body & Mind


top 101 best educational is Affordable – One fee of $39* per month includes all family members, grades and subjects.* use coupon “HowToLearn” and pay only $29 per month. Comprehensive – Included all core subjects with questions, instruction, links to educational videos and other resources, plus High school test prep for the GED, SAT, ACT, etc. Student centered – Designed for success of all students, including those with different learning styles.



top 101 best educational

Have you ever asked yourself “How do I motivate my child?” or “How can I help my child get organized?” After answering these questions so many times we finally combined our answers into one free guide, Six Steps to Conquer the Chaos: How to Organize and Motivate Students for Success!

Homework and Study Skills

How To Study



National Teen Leadership Program

The Student Leadership Challenge

Leader Treks



Diversity Abroad



top 101 best educational

A steady, stable, solid light house to draw students and young adults (from middle school to career) to many resources, classes, encouragement, love, hugs and coaching for success in school and career.


top 101 best educational

Set your student up for success this school year. Get back to school success tips for students and support tips for parents at


top 101 best educational

Grockit is the world’s fastest growing online test prep service for students seeking to get their best potential score on the GMAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE and other tests required for college admissions. Grockit prepares students through an online gaming platform where they can take practice tests and collaborate with other users in a real time environment that customizes the questions based on their strengths and weaknesses.




top 101 best educational offers a fast and easy way to find quality tutors at an affordable price. Hire trusted and qualified private or online tutors from one of the leading U.S. tutor referral services. Over 500 subjects, in all U.S. cities, from kindergarten to university. Best Value Guarantee!

Math and Reading Zone

Tutor Doctor



Guide to Grammar & Writing

Teen Ink

best educational websites


best educational websites

Pat Wyman is America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert, college professor, best selling author of Spelling Made Easy: Learn Your Words in Half the Time;  Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways To Improve Your Grades Faster, CEO and founder of Each year, she and her team reviews each and every website and are proud this year to bring you the Top 101 Best Educational Websites 2013.