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Best Report Card Solutions:  ADHD

Best Report Card Solutions

Are you sure your child really has ADHD? Get the FREE report on 7 things you can do to help your ADHD Child with school.

Best Report Card Solutions

Find out whether your child really has ADHD from Stephen Guffanti, M.D. Take the FREE ADHD test, how to parent the extraordinary child and discover tips to make your hectic live more peaceful. 

Best Report Card Solutions:  Algebra

Best Report Card Solutions

Demystify the learning of algebra! Provide your students with a fun and exciting introduction to algebra! Use discount code HTL0610 to obtain a 10% discount on your Hands-On Equations purchase prior to March 15, 2012.

A collection of lessons, calculators, and worksheets created to assist students and teachers of algebra. 

Best Report Card Solutions:  Art

You’ll find hundreds of classroom-tested art lessons to share with the children in your lives.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Autism

Best Report Card Solutions

Autism Fitness is the leading resource for informational products, workshops, consulting, and staff training for integrating fitness programs with the ASD population. Sign up for our newsletter and receive the FREE “Top 8 Exercises for Autism Fitness” manual. 


Best Report Card Solutions

Real Blogs from People Tackling the Puzzle of Autism. Join Autisable to share your Journey and connect with others.  FacebookTwitterYoutube

Best Report Card Solutions:  Better Grades Faster

Best Report Card Solutions is the # 1 learning site online with a clearinghouse of information on how to learn and solving learning and reading problems. Take the FREE Learning Styles Quiz, and find Instant Learning® tips, resources and with faster learning strategies in all subject areas.  Facebook Twitter

 Best Report Card Solutions:  Brain Health, Memory & Thyroid

Best Report Card Solutions

Comprehensive approach to boosting memory and learning power by optimizing hormone balance which controls the brain. Author Richard Shames, M.D., recommends you take the FREE Self-Evaluation Quick Quiz

Best Report Card Solutions:  Bullying

Best Report Card Solutions

Stop bullying now with these helpful tips from America’s leading expert on bullying, how to prevent it and how to deal with it. 

 Best Report Card Solutions:  College Students

Best Report Card Solutions

I CAN Finish College” is the source for everything they don’t tell you about college. Learn how to overcome any obstacle to finishing college and get a FREE email consultation from Dr. Marcia Cantarella.

This site is designed to guide potential school personnel through a step by step process for obtaining the right skills, certification, knowledge, and experience to become a successful school leader.

HwA works with a large team of subject matter experts in different domains to help students who wish to learn concepts better and do well in their graduate or post-graduate programs.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Financial Literacy

best educational websites

DoughMain is the first and only service to combine family organization and financial education into one simple and convenient platform. Offering a suite of on- and -offline services, including an integrated family calendar, chore tracker, allowance/rewards module and age-relevant games, DoughMain helps families manage their lives while empowering them to become better educated about money.  Facebook      Twitter

 Best Report Card Solutions:  Geography

An inspiring and fun way for kids to learn about other countries. This site helps children take an active interest in the world beyond the U.S. borders.

Resources, materials, ideas, and fun about geography

Provides teenagers with summer teen travel programs including Community Service, Language, Pre-College Enrichment and Global Adventure summer trips.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Handwriting

best educational websites

Getty-Dubay italic handwriting for all levels, all ages: natural to write, east to teach, and fun to learn. A proven program for handwriting success! Use Coupon Code HTL for 10% savings.

Best Report Card Solutions:  History

Over 2,000 files covering 3,000 years of world history.

We integrate archaeological data with advanced computer graphics techniques to further education, data analysis, and the preservation of cultural heritage information.

Story poems for children based on tales from history – Florence Nightingale, The Spanish Armada, The Great Fire of London, The Voyage of the Mayflower, The Gold Rush, and many more.

Book reviews, essays, research, and commentary on military history, the American Civil War, and American 19th century history from graduate student Rene Tyree.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Homeschool Students

Best Report Card Solutions, the #1 homeschooling community, has plenty of information to help you teach your child at home. With printables, curriculum reviews, homeschooling resources and a forum to interact with other parents, you’ll find everything you need to help you decide whether homeschooling is the right option for you.

A convenient, online home education program that combines learning with fun educational teaching games.

Homeschool Central has been around for many years helping homeschoolers of all types. Whether you are just beginning or you are a pro, we have information that will make your job easier.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Homework Help

Best Report Card Solutions

Can your child use a homework tune-up? Our Free Homework Toolkit includes everything you need to get started on the path of homework success, including: a Homework Scorecard, 25 Ways to Make Homework Easier…Tonight!, and a Parent Inventory. 

Best Report Card Solutions

Quickly eliminate hassles, strengthen time management, improve memory and get better grades with these 149 Parenting School-Wise Tips for grades 6-12.  FREE Top 12 learning strategies for better grades.  Facebook 

Is your child bright but unmotivated? Or their grades suffer because they are disorganized and do not seem to have the study skills needed to do well on tests? Has homework become a nightly battleground? If so, we have a Homework Coach for you!  

Free homework help and affordable test prep. 

Master your homework assignments with our step-by-step solutions to more than 500 textbooks. If we don’t support your textbook, don’t worry! You can ask ANY homework question and get expert homework help in as little as two hours.

This site is a free homework information portal that provides access to K-12 homework-related sites. It’s organized by topic and grade level for ease of use.

This site was created by an elementary school teacher.  It includes a list of homework help, reference resources, and search engines for kids. You can do a search or click through the topics to find information about subjects, such as insects or the history of toys. 

Best Report Card Solutions:  Language Studies

Learn Spanish or Chinese in your private tutorial online. The best tutors in the world are as close as your Internet. Discover the human connection. Join your personal tutor now.

The World’s 1st Online Tutor that can translate, pronounce, speak slowly or normal and teach you a new language. Try any language tutor for free!

#1 language course for children. Multi-sensory, multi-layered communication works powerfully with all new learners. The unique MUZZY design is effective for visual/spatial, verbal, kinesthetic, musical and logical/mathematic learners.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Learning Disabilities

Best Report Card Solutions

Find out if your child has potential learning problems, dyslexia, or learning disabilities. Understand the difference between a learning difficulty, learning disability, and dyslexia. Learn what schools are looking for when your child struggles and get a FREE E-Book. 

We understand and embrace the unique needs of every child on the spectrum and strive to enable parents and professionals to help our children grow to their full potential.

Laureate offers more than 50 computer programs for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), language impairments, developmental disabilities, Down syndrome, aphasia, and traumatic brain injury.

Learning Breakthrough is best known for enabling reading improvements and enhancing the lives of people with dyslexia and other reading difficulties by addressing underlying weaknesses that limit reading success.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Learning Resources

The best collection of free online educational videos, lessons, quizzes, games and puzzles.

Daily recommendations by email for entertaining websites that help your kids learn.

Learning Guides to more than 350 films, as well as lesson plans and articles on using movies to further education.

An educational, comprehensive, award winning site covering every subject for every student in PreK-6, plus fun games and social learning.

Offers dozens of interactive games specifically designed to pinpoint one or several essential concepts taught in elementary years, and dozens of research themes designed to make the process of gathering information interactive and enjoyable.

Our virtual classroom is Flash-based and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, with mobile support just around the corner. Join our classes without having to download or configure new software.

Find teachers, students, and discussion partners with matching interests. Connect online with integrated scheduling, video chat, resource sharing and collaborative document editing tools. Learn from others and share what you know.

Curriculum and resource suggestions for children from birth to age 8.

A new family social and educational board game that is the flip side of trivia, or What We Really Need to Know in Life Today™” and of Important Life Matters™”.

Specializes in instructional DVDs to help educators support children in both the school and home settings.

A high quality education doesn’t have to come at a high cost. In fact, it’s possible to take classes from big names like Yale, MIT, and Tufts without ever submitting an application or paying a cent in tuition. We’ve compiled 200 online classes from these and other respected institutions, and you can take all of them with no strings attached.

One stop destination for audio and video learning.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Mathematics

A math-help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, as entered by a user, at any particular moment. The math answers are generated and displayed in real-time, at the moment a web user types in their math problem and clicks “solve.”

Helps students hone their understanding of mathematics.

Your free math help portal featuring interactive lessons, worksheets, and homework help. We have hundreds of instructional resources for educators, students and parents.

An action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Play a math game, solve a logic puzzle, and have some fun!

An amusement park of math and more… Lessons and games designed for fun!

We are math teachers and professors who believe that immediate help with assigned homework improves math learning. We know that math is a gateway subject for success in school and careers. Our mission is to help every student succeed in math. 
Promotes open-ended and playful explorations of important math concepts. 

Best Report Card Solutions:  Parents

Best Report Card Solutions

Dr. Tim Elmore and the Growing Leaders team offer innovative resources to help parents and teachers understand, engage and equip the next generation.

The go-to destination for involved parents. From kindergarten readiness through college prep, gives parents the information they need and the ideas they want to help their kids reach their full potential.

Teaching Your Child’ provides advice and support for parents and carers on how to develop their child’s learning and support them during their early years. From preparing your child for their first day at nursery school to teaching them how to stay.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Phonics

Best Report Card Solutions

Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics. Try a FREE Lesson! Fun, award-winning, online phonics program kids LOVE! Convenient, affordable and guaranteed to teach your child to read! Great for beginning, struggling, learning disabled readers as well as adults.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Printables

Encourages kids to learn, be creative, be active, and to help parents by providing worksheets, tools, and articles that promote positive values and healthy living.

Educational materials that emphasize creativity and the pure enjoyment of learning .  30,000 pages covering a wide range of topics and new pages are produced almost every day.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Reading

Best Report Card Solutions

Try a FREE Lesson! Fun, award-winning, online phonics program kids LOVE! Convenient, affordable and guaranteed to teach your child to read! Great for beginning, struggling, learning disabled readers as well as adults.

Best Report Card Solutions

Reading help in 5 minutes a day. Developed from 30 plus years as a teacher and educational therapist and now used successfully around the world. For all levels of ability: learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD or just plain boredom.

Learning A-Z helps improve literacy today to shape our world tomorrow.

Dedicated to enhancing human learning.  Our founders are the authors of research-validated instructional programs that teach children and adults to read, spell, comprehend, think critically, and express language.

Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Research Information

This company has been providing authoritative answers to all kinds of factual questions since 1938—first as a popular radio quiz show, then starting in 1947 as an annual almanac, and since 1998 on the Internet.

From car engines to search engines, from cell phones to stem cells, and thousands of subjects in between, No topic is too big or too small for our expert editorial staff to unmask … or for you to understand.

A “G” rated study resource for junior high, high school, college students, teachers and home schoolers. The World’s largest library of free online Literature Summaries, with over 460 Study Guides / Book Notes / Chapter Summaries.

Younger Learners? Designed for children 8-15 years old, theBritannica Online for Kids provides a safe search environment for kids without distractive advertising.

A tween destination for research help and facts on thousands of subjects, including sports, entertainment, geography, history, biography, education, and health. Highly ranked in search engines, Fact Monster contains an encyclopedia, almanacs, games, quizzes, research tools, holiday features, lots of self-made microsites for books, and more.

 Best Report Card Solutions:  Science

Best report card solutions

Your Science Teacher adds live, real-time interactive possibilities for students – offering science and other subject help at convenient times for anyone who wants it, no matter the school or your location.

One of the most highly visited science websites on the internet.  Dedicated to igniting the fires of inspiration for budding young scientists.

Your kid can easily learn and do real science and be excited about it!

Basic physics topics using informative graphics and an easy-to-understand language. Each unit is broken up into lessons and sub-lessons. A lesson resembles the type and extent of coverage given to that physics topic in class. 

Best Report Card Solutions:  Speed Reading

Best Report Card Solutions

America’s # 1 Speed Reading Expert and course creator, Abby Marks Beale, teaches speed reading to busy professionals, educators and students.

In today’s fast-paced information age, it is more important than ever to be a proficient reader. Everyone from high-powered executives to children just learning to read in grade school can benefit from AceReader.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Spelling & Vocabulary

Best Report Card Solutions

Try a FREE Lesson! Kids learn to spell online with a fun cartoon teacher. Teaches kids basic computer skills too! Guaranteed to work or your money back!

An award-winning site dedicated to helping students, teachers, parent-teachers, and school systems.

The word-spelling robot hosts the latest amazing word game and challenges spellers of all ages.

The absolutely free and totally fun way to improve your spelling. 

Best Report Card Solutions:  Study Help

best educational websites

Set your student up for success this school year. Get best report card solution tips for students and support tips for parents at

Best Report Card Solutions

FREE site with more than 85 practical articles and hundreds of study tips to help students study and learn better. 
Used by students, teachers, and parents throughout the world.


Using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, StudySync inspires kids to read, write, collaborate and expand their critical thinking.

The largest flash cards and study games website with over 9 million free sets of flashcards covering every possible subject. It’s the best place to play educational games, memorize vocabulary and study online.

This site helps you identify your areas of weakness, so you can focus on studying what you need most to improve your score.  You can also connect with other test takers, classmates, and educators to increase your understanding.

Computerized flashcards to make the process of reviewing information more exciting. The StudyStack site generates several different activities for every set of flashcards. By giving students several options for reviewing the information, students will hopefully review the information more.  

Best Report Card Solutions:  Study Skills for Middle, High School and College Students

7 Strategies

Let some of America’s leading educators show you their expert strategies for how to study more effectively, take every kind of exam without stress, and get far better grades. Boost GPA and decrease study time. Available in three editions: Middle School, High School and College.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Tutoring

Improve your Math and Science grades and AP scores with expert personal online tutoring. eTutorWorld offers affordable one-on-one live tutoring over the web.

Provides one to one live tutoring in all subjects for all grades through a virtual classroom.

An early pioneer of online tutoring and homework assistance , helping K-12, College and Graduate students succeed in their academics since 2003.

One-to-one tutoring in reading, comprehension strategies, spelling, writing, language comprehension and math. Using research-based, multi-sensory programs, The Reading Clinic focuses on enhanced academic performance and self-esteem.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Worksheets

The printable worksheets are a great supplement for families who want to practice at home what’s being taught in school.

Free math worksheets, free math games, grammar quizzes and free phonics worksheets and games. Worksheets and games are organized by grades and topics.

A variety of educational materials. We have lots of FREE items. Teachers, homeschooling families, parents, children, and grandparents use our site.

Over 800 educational worksheets for children covering a wide variety of topics including math, science, grammar, comprehension, handwriting, spelling and fun and games.

Best Report Card Solutions:  Writing

Handwriting is a graphomotor skill. It involves memory of letter formations, spelling, grammar, context and more. All must travel from mind to paper. It is academically critical to develop efficient thought transmission with never a pause to recall the shape of a letter.

Courses for elementary, middle, and high school students. For each group, three levels of courses are available: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Writing A–Z is a dynamic site that provides teachers with all the resources necessary to teach the common process writing genres, including expository, narrative, persuasive, procedural, and transactional.

Best Report Card Solutions