Top 101 Best Tutoring Websites 2014

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Top 101 Best Tutoring Websites 2014.

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Academic Tutoring

Khan AcademyLearn almost anything for free forever.


Tutor Matching Service

Competitive EdgeTutoring



ADHD Tutoring

adhd consultationThe Learning Clinic Worldwide – Dr. J. Collins MeekCLICK HERE TO Get a FREE 15 minute ADHD consultation when you need it most.

Personalized coaching sessions designed for parents, teachers, and ADHD students themselves. J. Collins Meek, Ph.D.,  is the founder of The Learning Clinic Worldwide and is a neurological learning specialist who gets results for you quickly with his extensive experience treating and resolving your ADHD challenges.  He has 30 years experience in ADHD, teaching, learning, school administration.

School Tutoring Academy


Brain Balance

Algebra Tutoring

Algebra Help for 3rd graders and upBorenson.comDemystify algebra! Eve a 3rd grader can learn algebra with this unique, and scientifically proven method! The balance board and pieces that make the equation be equal on both sides is Provide your students with a fun and exciting introduction to algebra! CLICK HERE FOR A FREE WEBINAR


AutismAutism Fitness

On-site or distance (via Skype or phone), Autism Fitness Founder and best-selling author, Eric Chessen,  offers several packages for professionals and parents who want to begin developing a fitness/PE program for those with ASD or enhance an existing curriculum or practice.

Email for more information.

Autism Tutors

Instructing Children With Autism

Shades of Learning

College Admissions

top 101 best tutoring websites 2014The Princeton Review
College admissions preparation for all tests – SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, PSAT and more, Get $160 off GMAT Testing until March 6, 2014.
Take a FREE Practice Test in Your Area.


Signet Education

Marks Education

Dyslexia Tutoring

dyslexiaBonnie Terry Learning Understanding LD & Dyslexia — Learn:  what dyslexia is, about the types of learning disabilities, the causes of learning disabilities, if students grow out of these learning problems, and how to identify a learning disability or dyslexia.

Dyslexia Tutoring Program

Dyslexia Connect

Learning Ally

Student Learning Recovery Tutoring


E Tutoring


e tutoring

etutorworld  Improve your Math and Science grades and test scores with an expert personal online tutor. eTutorWorld offers affordable one-on-one live tutoring and SCAT, SSAT, SAT and AP test prep programs over the web.

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English Tutoring

Online Tutor For English


English Tutors Live


best tutoring websitesHuntingtonHelps
For over 35 years, we’ve guided students to success with a program that features an individualized approach and ongoing consultations with parents, designed to fit one schedule – yours.Huntington helps students score higher on important college entrance and scholarship exams like the SAT, ACT, and PSAT*, as well as high school entrance exams and other exams, such as the GED and ASVAB.

Top Test Prep

Revolution Prep

Graduate Tutors provides live online private tutoring primarily for business school students and working professionals.’s mission is to make learning easier. We make learning easier, more personal and more convenient with live one-on-one tutoring. tutors students in most quantitative courses covered in business schools including finance, accounting, statistics, financial modeling, operations research, data analysis, economics and decision- making.


Homeschool Tutors

homescchooling tutorcorps

One-on-one instruction that suits many children better than a traditional school environment. Also includes SSAT prep.


Learn K-12


Homework Tutors

Homework Simplified

HWA – Help With Assignment

Homework Coach


School trainer




For nearly 20 years, Club Z! has had the privilege of providing high quality in-home tutoring and test prep services to nearly 300,000 students. Club Z! is an academic solutions provider offering a customized learning program for each and every student. We have learning programs to fit any family’s needs and preferences – whether it’s in-home, on school campus, or even at the library in a small group! – See more at:

Tutor Match

Star Tutoring

In-Home Tutors


study guide and strategiesStudy Guides and Strategies

An educational public service helping learners succeed since 1996: over 10.4 million visitors in 39 languages

Total Tutor

Jump Start Tutoring


Mind Sprinting



Learn any language fluently. Connect with your teacher on Skype, and begin your private language lesson. Online lessons are easy and convenient. Take a lesson from home or work. All you need is an internet connection. The rest is up to you and your teacher!

Virtual Language Tutor

Le Tutor Language School


Verbal Planet

My Personal Language Tutor

eAge Tutor





Video Math Tutor

Nursing Tutoring

student nurse

Student Nurse Tutoring Service

Be tutored by a teacher who is not grading you, but empowering you…

Your Nursing Tutor

Free Nurse Tutor


best tutoring websitesTutor.comAt, you get a professional online tutor whenever you need help with homework, studying, essays, or test prep.  Tutors are available 24/7, and you can get one FREE session by clicking here

Bigfoot Tutors (U.K.)

24 Hours Tutor

Kahn Academy




Prep-School / High School Admission

The Ivy Key

Students looking to attend a top tier high school or boarding school must stand out from their peers. The Ivy Key offers personal admissions consulting to students in elementary school and junior high school. We seek to help families find the optimal high schools or boarding schools for them. The Ivy Key sends its admission consultants to our students’ homes to work through the application process with parents and students. Our admission consultants will critique essays in person, helping students develop techniques for writing noteworthy essays. The Ivy Key will also help students prepare for interviews.

Princeton Tutoring


Private Tutoring


Hoffman Education

Plus Plus Tutoring

Academic Advantage


Psychology Tutoring


Reading Comprehension

i read i succeed

I Read I Succeed Home Vision Therapy

Are you sure that your child sees the printed page the same way you do? If not, their grades and comprehension will suffer and they won’t want to read. Your child will get tired when reading, skip lines, not see the punctuation at the end of the sentences, turn the letters around and more…

If your child does any of these things, or has any reading comprehension issues, take the FREE Eye-Q Reading Inventory to find out exactly what your child sees when reading and how it feels for him or her to read for long periods of time.

Then, check on the solution and how you can raise reading scores and improve reading comprehension dramatically.

Reading Tutors

Reading Rockets

Reading A-Z

Smart Tutor


Red Wagon Tutorials

Red Wagon Tutorials

Specializing in Apologia-based live-feed, online recorded, DVD, flash drive, and e-Notebook science courses and is teaching in 55 countries worldwide. According to Dr. Jay L. Wile, “This program is run by the most gifted teacher with whom I have ever worked.” Each course provides 32 video lessons and over 500 web site links to extended course information.

Physics 24/7

The Physics Classroom

Physics Tutoring

Rocket Science Tutors


Elite Home Tutoring

Seminars – Communication, Business and Online


Seminars to Help You Learn Faster and Communicate Better

Target Learning Seminars differ from others because you get skills that immediately transfer from the classroom to the workplace and attendees learn about their personal learning styles which allow them to be more focused and listen more effectively.

You can choose from Training Seminars, Public Seminars and Online Seminars that build critical and creative thinking, memory improvement, business writing, speed reading and more…


Study Skills


Have you ever asked yourself “How do I motivate my child?” or “How can I help my child get organized?” After answering these questions so many times we finally combined our answers into one free guide, Six Steps to Conquer the Chaos: How to Organize and Motivate Students for Success!



Test Preparation (PSAT, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GRE & More)

bench prep

Bench Prep

USE THIS APP TO Get an unfair advantage on test day. with the most advanced, convenient test platform ever! All tests – SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, CFA, MCAT, NPTE and more…

BenchPrep creates test prep and other subject-based interactive courses you can access on your computer, iPhone, Android and iPad. BenchPrep courses are created by content from top publishers and are enhanced with helpful and engaging study features.

BenchPrep changed the test prep game creating the world’s first and only cross-platform test prep course. This means that students access their courses not only on their computers and mobile devices, but that they can sync their progress, so that they start studying exactly where they left off.

Prep Now Tutoring

MedSchool Tutors

Student Doc

Power Score

Test Masters

Stratus Prep



TypingWeb – Learn to type FREE


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