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College Prep Genius  – Winner Parent and Teacher Choice Awards

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Want FREE College and No Student Debt?

College Prep Genius is our go to site for SAT, ACT, PSAT prep and more. Follow the instructions in this course and you’re on your way to understanding how to ACE all of these standardized tests. What’s more, you can attend college, grad school, law school and even medical school FREE with all the scholarship money available to you based on your high standardized test scores!

Our Parent and Teacher Choice team applaud, the extra care and ease of use they put into their courses and when we heard that their founder and creator, Jean Burk is known as the “Sam Walton” of college prep, we see that this title is more than well-deserved.

Did you know that tests like the SAT/PSAT/ACT/ACT…are critical thinking and reasoning and not I.Q. tests? They don’t measure how smart you are. These standardized tests are just that – standardized and they are set up to level the playing field for everyone. If you learn just a few strategies on how these tests are structured and you put in the hours of practice recommended, the highest scores are available to you.

Even really smart kids can bomb these types of tests, but once you understand how they work, and College Prep Genius shows you how to answer the questions in a minute or less, you’re on your way to free college baby! Many students raise their scores as much as 600-700 points! Another thing that is terrific – if you happen to be a homeschooled student, you can even get course credit for taking the College Prep Genius! (Think study skills).

We interviewed Jean Burk, the founder, about College Prep Genius and her own two kids went to college and grad school (even law school) all with full scholarships, spending money and so much more.

Jean says that 85% of colleges award scholarships are based on test scores alone because it makes their college rankings go up, so using College Prep Genius gives you the advantage you need – your higher scores = more money for you! In fact, often times, you can make college, room and board, spending money, travel abroad and books all FREE.

According to College Prep Genius, the questions on these tests are purposely misleading and the wrong answers are tricky BUT easy to pick.

The College Prep Genius program teaches students how to answer questions in 30 seconds or less.

It will reveal why right answers are right and why the wrong ones are wrong so students can self-correct their mistakes.

Students will watch the videos, work problems in the workbook and do reinforcing homework to solidify the information. They will also read from the textbook (eReader or hard copy) and work actual test questions for practice. The course is chock full of pdfs, helpful study guides, schedules, webinars and truly helpful instructional videos. What’s more, their tech support is superb!

Our team recommends that you get the physical copies of the books that go along with the program. They are a bit extra – but we highly recommend you get them and use them – just as instructed in the course.

While some college prep courses cost into the thousands, College Prep Genius is just $139 for the basic version for a year and $189 for the comprehensive version for a year, plus the cost of the hard copies of the books. Given that these courses can cost thousands, this pricing makes it affordable for everyone!

The Comprehensive version of College Prep Genius comes with these remarkable extras that we love: Vocabulary Cafe 6 E-books on the top 300 words for the SAT, 15 Secrets to FREE College and the High School Prep Genius book, which acts like an expensive guidance counselor – telling you what you need to do each month you are in high school in order to ace the SAT, PSAT, and ACT. Only instead of being that personal, very expensive guidance counselor, this book is FREE.

Students will watch the College Prep Genius videos, work problems in the workbook and do reinforcing homework to solidify the information. They will also read from the textbook (eReader or hard copy) and work actual test questions for practice.

As we went through the course, we discovered that this is so well structured, that there is no skipping around to what you think you want to do. You follow the videos in the order that they know works best and cannot advance to the next video until you’ve mastered the quiz and completed the video.

What we particularly liked is what happens when you get a wrong answer. We did that on purpose to see what would happen and the instructional process is simple and easy to follow. You see which ones you got wrong and retake the quiz until you’ve reached 100% accuracy!

Besides the extraordinary success rate for students who use College Prep Genius, we love them because they keep their costs down, making the courses affordable for all students. No need to spend thousands to ace the SAT, PSAT and ACT!

College Prep Genius is Unanimously Chosen by the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team

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