Day 4 Gratitude Course

Welcome to Day 4 of Create Your Best Life With Gratitude!

Gratitude Gift Wrapped: How to Supercharge Your Gratitude, Prioritize Meaning AND Activate Your Happiness in Just One Minute a Day

Good morning!

Even though it’s only been a few days, you have reason to celebrate!

You’ve discovered what true gratitude is, what it feels like, and the awesome benefits of gratitude.

Plus, each day you’ve done a lean into gratitude exercise and by now, are already writing in your gratitude journal once or even twice a day – morning and evening.

You’re on your way to your best life ever!

And, I’m sure you realize, that there is no good reason not to practice gratitude on a daily basis. :):)

Today, let’s see how to supercharge your gratitude and activate your long-term happiness in just a minute a day.

Prioritize Happiness and Meaning

When you make happiness a priority in your life, you give yourself permission to life your best life! You add much more meaning and depth to your life!

While you certainly won’t be ecstatic every minute of every day, what you can expect is a calmer, more centered life and you’ll feel happier a lot more of the time.

Practicing gratitude, as the research says, is the key to happiness and joy in your life.

When you make the conscious choice each day to practice gratitude, you’re surrounding yourself with all the reasons possible to feel happy and life your best life!

That one simple moment you journal your gratitude, either in the morning or at the end of your day, will help you surround yourself with positivity and more reasons to be happy!

The Power of Gratitude Journaling to Create Your Best Life

The simple act of writing something down gives it more meaning and you’re more likely to act on it.

You’re also making certain you don’t take people and the good things in your life for granted.

Studies show it generally takes 21 days to turn something into a habit, so writing down what you’re grateful for each day means that as time goes on, gratitude becomes a huge part of who you are and it gives deeper meaning to your life.

Overall, you’ll feel happier and more content when you are looking for the good in your life each day.

The more you practice gratitude and the more you write it down, you’re cultivating a grateful context for your life that will change it for the better.

You’ll want to do these two things as you journal: feel grateful first and express your gratitude in writing, and then in words aloud.

Boost Happiness and Move Your Emotional “Set Point” by 25%

When you journal in the morning, you set the tone and mood for the entire day.

While it takes just a minute (you don’t have to write volumes in your journal unless you want to), the benefits of just one that one minute are extraordinary as you’ve already learned.

Dr. Andrew Weil says that you can move your emotional “set point” for happiness by as much as 25 percent in the right direction and you can use your gratitude journal to accomplish this.

The more you practice gratitude, the more you’ll see the challenges in your life as opportunities and blessings!

How to Activate the Power of Gratitude

Here are two great ways to activate the power of gratitude.

  1. In writing and in education, experts often use the ABC’s to spur creativity and think of related items.

In order to activate the power of gratitude use the letters of the alphabet to think of things you are grateful for.

For example, as you’re driving, begin with the letter A, and find something to be grateful for. It could the asphalt on which you’re driving that leads you safely down the street.

Then move on to the letter B. How about “I’m really grateful for my bones because they are strong and allow me to lift my groceries.

For the letter C, I’m so thankful for my friend Catherine because she calls me every week just to see how I’m doing.

And so on…

This is a really quick way to activate the power gratitude and instead of driving along being nervous about what might await you at work, you’ll feel absolutely grand and very calm and when you arrive!

  1. I discovered this and several other ways to activate gratitude as I read these three books: Pam Grout’s books, Thank and Grow Rich, E Squared and Rhonda Bryne’s book, The Magic.

In the morning before you get out of bed, ask yourself this question: What amazing thing will happen to me today?

Or what miracle will find me today?

That way your mind is primed and you’re looking for the best in your life.

Then in the evening, ask yourself, what was the best thing that happened today? Or what was the very best thing in my life today?

A Small Favor

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Lean Into Gratitude Exercise:

Today is your day to expand your gratitude even more.

Remember the quote in Day 2 from G.K. Chesterton about having gratitude in advance?

Imagine something you’d like to have happen in your life, and write thank you for it, in the first person, as if you already have it.

Perhaps you have a child you’d like to express their gratitude more. So you’d write in your journal: I am so grateful that my child, xxx, is always acting with gratitdue. She is so thoughtful and generous and always finding new ways to be grateful in her life.

By being grateful in advance, you open the door for the universe to give you what you’re thankful for.

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Please stay in touch and I’ll do the same!

May you always have gratitude and lots of love in your life!

In gratitude,