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 Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET, Board Certified Educational Therapist #10167, is considered one of the top experts in the country in helping teachers and parents identify their students’ learning disabilities/learning difficulties.

She’s been an educator, learning disability specialist, and educational therapist since 1973. Ms. Terry gives teachers and parents the ability to give their child a 2 – 4 year advantage in just 20 minutes a day. She’s a contributing author to education journals. She’s a popular national and international speaker. Her website is at

Bonnie will answer your questions on learning, dyslexia, ADHD, reading (fluency and comprehension), writing, study skills, and math.

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ASW Assessment Icon

Neuro-Developmental Behaviorally-Based Assessment

Find out the underlying root cause of your or your child’s learning problems…even if you or they have dyslexia, ADHD, or autism.


ASW Reading Writing Study Skills Program Icon

Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Program

Improve Reading Skills, Writing Skills, and Study Skills, even if you have learning challenges. Grades 1st – Adult


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Spelling and Phonics Program

Spelling help is here! Improve your ability to spell, even if you’ve always struggled or if you are a beginning speller. Grades 1st – Adult


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VAK Therapy (Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Therapy)

Address the underlying root cause oaf learning problems, even if you have dyslexia, ADHD, or autism.


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Math Program

Improve math skills…even if you have dyscalculia, ADHD, or autism.       Grades 1st – Adult



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Awaken the Scholar Within Premium Program

All of the above programs plus 24 weeks of small group parent coaching with Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET Grades 1st – Adult



Books:   School Strategies for ADHD Kids

School Strategies for ADHD Kids


Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills


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58 pages of graphic organizers








Bonnie Terry

Reading Help in 5 Minutes A Day

Struggling with Reading?

  • You know your child is not reading as well as they should be.
  • You know how important being able to read with ease is for your child’s success in school.
  • You know the longer you delay in getting help your child’s self esteem suffers.
  • You may have talked with your child’s teacher to ask what you can do without getting practical answers on what you can do to help your child.
  • You’ve been searching for answers, and don’t know where to turn.


Bonnie TerryWriting Help in 10 Minutes a Day

Imagine your child using a Specially Designed Graphic Organizer and Becoming

  • Stress free completing their writing assignments
  • Completing homework in less time and creating more family time
  • Using the 5 Easy Steps to Studying
  • Using the Step-by-Step Secrets to Paragraph and Essay Writing


Making Spelling SenseMaking Spelling Sense™ and Making Spelling Sense™ II

Your child or students will learn how to spell over 500 of the most frequently used words in the English language. By using this step-by-step method, you will be able to spell thousands of words. Using visual, auditory, and tactile methods of learning, your students are sure to learn. It is phonetically and sequentially based. It also strengthens visual perception through the puzzles and other exercises that are provided. There is a structure to English, and if we teach spelling according to the structure, everyone can spell!



The Sentence Zone

The Comprehension Zone

The Math Zone


The Writer’s Easy Reference Guide

The BT Easy Math Reference Guide

Favorite Books

Overcoming Dyslexia

A Life in Balance

Brain-Based Learning

Windows into the A.D.D. Mind Daniel Amen

A Magnificent Mind At Any Age Daniel Amen

Bonnie Terry, America’s Leading Learning Specialist was interviewed on Sacramento FOX Morning News. 

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