Jeff Goelitz is a stress solutions expert at the Institute of HeartMath, a world leader in stress research and education. Over 35 years, he has developed extensive knowledge and understanding of behavior and social and emotional learning in children and adults.

Classroom teacher and education consultant around the U.S. and Canada. HeartMath program and curriculum developer and professional trainer.

Driven by a desire to see people of all ages excel academically, socially and professionally, he has helped tens of thousands improve their lives.

Jeff believes everyone has far more capacity for inner strength and resilience than he or she knows. Combining that strength and resilience with the intelligence of our hearts and minds gives us greater ability to shape our lives in optimal ways.

He has spent two decades practicing and teaching the HeartMath System of tools and technology. His expertise has helped IHM find practical solutions for lowering test anxiety and improving test scores, and reducing stress resulting from behavior problems, peer pressure, relationships and other causes.

• Author: College De-Stress Handbook; Using emWave® Technology with Young Adolescent Children Diagnosed with ADHD; upcoming Teen Stress book and Smart Brain Wise Heart program
• Primary developer: Early HeartSmarts® classroom/home programs; TestEdge® Learning Programs; Wild Ride to the Heart board game.


Longer Expert page wild ride to Heart_440px_72Wild Ride to the Heart Game

Board Game, Surprise Cards and Emotional Definition Cards is designed to teach children about recognizing, expressing and balancing their emotions. The game incorporates HeartMath’s 23 years of scientific research in the physiology of emotions. They’ll have a Wild Ride as they make funny faces, tell stories and more. Fun for the whole family. Ages 4-and above.

Longer Expert page emWave Pro bundle_for 440pxw_72emWave Pro® and Family Wellness Bundle

Heart-rate monitoring technology with interactive games, eBooks, audios and videos that help your family build resilience, energy and emotional well-being. Dealing with stress, fatigue, children’s behavior, sleeping problems, relationship issues, academic performance or other concerns special collection benefits every member of your family.

Longer Expert page TE ILPCD rom_9-12_440px_72TestEdge Interactive Learning Program 9-12+

Overcome test anxiety and learning blocks. Understand how your emotions and attitudes are affecting your schoolwork. Is test-taking or learning stressing you? TestEdge research study with high-performing to low-performing students found 75% had reduced anxiety. Students experienced less dread, increased focus, comprehension and confidence during high-stakes tests. Includes five video lessons with actors and flash animations, interactive sessions and a review of key points.

Longer Expert page HeartBear & HeartWarmer_440pxw_72Heart Bear Puppet and Heart Warmer™ Tool Card

Approved for Constant Cuddling, this fuzzy bear with a great big heart is bringing smiles to everyone from toddlers to grandparents, includes a Heart Warmer Tool Card. It nearly a foot high, made of 100% polyester fiber, puppet pocket 9 inches and has undergone rigorous child safety tests.

Longer Expert page Inside Story-emwave_440pxw_72emWave® 2 For The Inside Story of Your Emotions

Take Charge of Your Mind and Emotions with the emWave 2 Heart-rate monitoring technology, a handheld device and interfaces with computer. EmWave combined with The Inside Story of Your Emotion Book helps young adults learn to build a state of poise and readiness for effectively dealing with stress and whatever challenges come their way. Practice for just five to ten minutes a day can bring better decision making.

Longer Expert page Testedge 3-6_440pxw_72TestEdge Grades 3-5 Teacher Kit

Bridge emotional and academic learning with TestEdge tools and strategies, students will overcome discouragement, develop test-taking skills and improve listening and focus. Teacher’s Kit includes a manual, lesson cards, scripted lesson plan, student workbook and 2 full color posters.

Longer Expert page TE CD rom_6-8_440px_72TestEdge Grades 6-8 Teacher Kit

TestEdge helps students improve their ability to absorb and remember the facts and skills taught in their core academic curricula. Focuses on Stress Smarts and Test Smarts, which enhance students’ ability in Fact Smarts. Easy to use and integrates effortlessly into regular curriculums. Teacher’s Kit includes a manual, scripted lesson plan, student workbook, overheads and worksheets, CD-ROM and 3 full color posters.

Longer Expert page Inner Balance bundle_for 440pxw_72Inner Balance iOS 30pin & Family Wellness Bundle

The Inner Balance Heart-rate monitoring sensor and App for iPhones, iPads provides a wide range of benefits for personal health, well-being and performance of young children, teens and adults. HeartMath’s popular books, audio and music files, webinar presentations helps with stress, fatigue, children’s behavior, sleeping problems, relationship issues, academic performance or other concerns.

Product Store_HtL_TE CD 9-12_72TestEdge Interactive Grades 6-8

If learning or test-taking is stressing you, get in sync for your best academic performance. This scientifically researched multimedia course teaches proven tools and strategies demonstrated to overcome test and performance anxiety, reduce discouragement, learning blocks and memory jammers, boost focus and clarity and promote positive feelings about school.





3 Favorite Books

  • John Adams, David McCullough
  • Hidden Power of the Heart, Sara Childre
  • The Road, Cormac McCarthy


Favorite Quotes

  • Very few people during their lifetime come anywhere near exhausting the reserves dwelling inside them. There are deep wells of strength that are never used. – Commander Richard Perry
  • When we learn to manage our emotions long enough to stop and shift our attention to the quieter message of the heart, we can gain a wider perspective on any situation, often saving ourselves from hurt, frustration and pain. – Author, Doc Childre


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