IXL Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner


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IXL parent and teacher choice award winner

Our Parent and Choice Team at HowtoLearn.com absolutely loves personalized learning and IXL is extraordinary!

Over 7 million students in grades Pre-K through 12 already use IXL to diagnose and create personalized, and highly individualized learning programs in the areas of math, language arts, science, social studies, algebra, geometry, calculus and Spanish!

We dove right into their program, acting both as student and parent/teacher.

In the diagnostic portions, you answer questions and get rewarded with jumping balls when you get it right.

When we purposefully chose to get questions wrong to see what happened, the IXL program tells you you will work on this later . In addition, you receive a diagnostic action plan you can print out which is great for parents, teachers, tutors and more!

We love that IXL has so many motivational components – gently moving you forward in a subject until mastery happens. This summer, IXL even rewards a child who answers the most questions with an ipad!

Here’s something we know as educators and parents that is essential when a student gets something wrong.

We chose adding fractions with different denominators. Whenever we got something wrong, there was a section that wrote out the item and showed you, step by step, how to do it correctly.

Kids can learn from their mistakes easily this way, and move on in their chosen subject at their own particular pace.

The screens show time elapsed, what is referred to as smart score, (mastery) and the number of questions answered. They also get specific gamified prizes! This is really fun!

IXL has it right when it comes to personalized learning. As students practice their skills, it tracks their scores and then increases the difficulty as you get more items correct.

Kids stay highly engaged and motivated and can really take pride in what they accomplish! Moving along at their own speed, each child practices their skills until they have mastered it.

This way, there is absolutely no comparing one student to another and students are at the center of their own educational process.

Bravo IXL and here’s to the students who use this remarkable program!

IXL is Unanimously Chosen by the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team as the gold medal winner from HowtoLearn.com

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