Learn How to Learn Anything Podcast with Pat Wyman

Podcast Learn How to Learn Anything Interview with Pat Wyman

David Riklan, CEO of Selfgrowth.com Interviews Pat Wyman, Author, College Instructor and Americas Most Trusted Learning Expert on the topic of How to Learn Anything!

How to Learn Anything

Get Instant Learning® tips on:

  • The power of your Learning Style
  • How to Get a Super Memory
  • Why The Biology of Success changes your ability to learn successfully.


  • The simple changes in your environment to improve your learning: movement, lighting, nutrition, sleep, more
  • How to chunk your learning into smaller 15 minute segments and why this will enhance your learning
  • How pictures and connections create a lasting memory and much more…
  • Why music affects learning and why
  • Matching learning to the way in which you are tested

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