Learning Ally Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner

parent and teacher choice awardsLearning Ally Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner

Learning Ally is the gold medal winner of the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from HowtoLearn.com

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                       learning allyLearning Ally turns struggling learners into grade level achievers! 

Learning Ally is a complete audiobook solution proven to bridge the reading gap for struggling readers in grades 3-12 with learning differences, including dyslexia. 

What can we say? Learning Ally is our favorite site ever for helping learners that struggle. The results for students are extraordinary and each student receives a highly personalized program with all the tools and teacher support they need to succeed!

From the student portal dashboard 33 and Me! allows students to set personalized reading goals and build reading habit such as 33 days. 33 books. 33 minutes. Students get to decide and they get all the help they need in order to be successful.

The teacher portal dashboard is rich with student data such as those who are reading, getting started reading, reading near frequency, reading at frequency, and the total number of pages read.

Teachers also get a customized launch plan, step-by-step guide with lesson plans, resources and strategies to help you implement the Learning Ally solution with fidelity so your school can empower students to become successful learners.

What our Parent and Teacher Choice loves is the fact that Learning Ally is such a personalized and individualized program!  Teachers get on board education regularly such as which technology devices are best for their class and each student, as well as continuing educational classes for which they receive CEU credit so they receive ongoing training!

With an extensive library of human-read audiobooks, suite of teacher resources, a mobile app with built-in classroom tools, and fun reading engagement programs throughout the year, the organization supports teachers’ efforts and provides U.S. schools and districts with equitable access to K-12 curriculum, diverse literature, pop-fiction and titles to meet every interest in digital format.

The result is more struggling readers can absorb educational information on grade-level. They improve skills in comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and critical thinking. They enjoy the reading experience. Their learning confidence is boosted and they are able to reach their true intellectual and academic potential. Learning Ally supports both the education community as well as individuals.

More than 16,000 U.S. schools and districts rely on Learning Ally to provide equitable access to grade-level material and age-appropriate titles.

There are 365,000 students enrolled in Learning Ally who are eligible to receive a quality reading accommodation, including students with dyslexia. This includes students who have IEPS and 504 plans.

What is very unique about Learning Ally audiobooks is that they are narrated by humans – volunteers, voice artists, authors, subject matter experts.

Parents and Teachers – check out Learning Ally Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner today! 

Unanimously Chosen by the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team

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