About The Parent and Teacher Choice Awards

Since 1996, (two years before even Google was online) HowtoLearn.com and our parent and teacher team has connected over 40 million parents and teachers with the educational products and services they are searching for most!

We are the world’s leading resource site on learning.

The Parent and Teacher Choice Awards team continuously reviews and recommends the educational products that are making a substantial difference in children’s lives in the most positive ways.

We believe that the team of parents and teachers, working together, have the strongest and most significant lasting impact which affects children’s development and shape their minds, education, creativity and play!

Thus, our parent team is comprised of parents and teachers who have regular conversations, based on proven developmental milestones and brain-building principles, revealing which educational products, books, toys, media and services help children the most.

Think your product has what it takes and know that it is making a difference in children’s lives?

Parent and Teacher Choice Awardfor the Parent and Teacher Choice Award