Meet the Capital Letters

alphabet anatomyFor the 1st time ever, life has been breathed into the alphabet!  No longer just abstract shapes, Alphabet Anatomy combines innovative rhyming verses and engaging illustrations for easy visual and auditory recall of all 4 letter components.  Come explore the letters’ lives and master these vital skills.

The enlivened letters of Alphabet Anatomy grasp the complexity of reading and enable children to master it in a feasible and enjoyable way.  For the first time ever, life has been breathed into the alphabet!  Alphabet Anatomy helps eliminate potential reading struggles by presenting a colorful life and personality for each letter that cleverly interweaves its four fundamental components.  Alphabet Anatomy’s rhyming verses also uniquely instruct on how to write each letter, thus its anatomy – so reading and writing occur simultaneously and inter-relatedly.  Children acquire both a visual and auditory means for easy recall of each letter.