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Ultimate Phonics

Computer Software Program
For All Ages


Guarantee That Your Child
Becomes An Excellent Reader!

  • Digital 600 page manual and
    Digital CD-ROM for PC
  • Over 4400 common words
    fully sounded out
  • Over 2100 complete sentences
  • Easily self taught for
    students in grade 4 and up

The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program is a complete, interactive, multimedia learning tool that teaches people of all ages to be expert readers. Designed by experts with over 30 years of experience, this computer program enables children and students to thoroughly learn the basic skills that are the foundation for a lifetime of reading success.

The latest reading research and studies conclusively show that direct, explicit, systematic, intensive phonics, taught with a large amount of structured decodable reading material, is the key to successful reading instruction. This is the identical method used in the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program.

Rocket Phonics

Customized Workbook Program
For All Ages

Wouldn’t you like to be able to
help open new worlds to your child?

Literacy Question #1:
Did you know that traditional phonics approaches spend your time and money teaching inconsistent rules like the Silent e rule? This makes learning to read more difficult, doesn’t it?

Literacy Question #2:
Would you like to hear what the National Institute of Child Heath & Human Development says about reading?

“60% of our nation’s children experience formidable challenges learning to read, and for at least 20-30%, learning to read is one of the most difficult tasks they will confront in school.”

Literacy Question #3:
You would agree that reading is the gateway to every subject your children will ever learn, wouldn’t you? It opens new worlds and is a gift they will appreciate for the rest of their life. The ability to read well is one of the greatest determiners of the type of profession your child will eventually qualify for, so isn’t it time right now to prepare for his success?

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