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Instant Learning® Tips for Parenting Success

If you’re a parent, you’re busy. You want the best for your child in every possible way and need relevant information – NOW! This newsletter is brief and contains articles, tips, resources and strategies to improve every aspect of your child’s life – including school success, getting your child motivated, health and wellness, and emotional problem solving. You’ll have access to the finest parenting experts as well as proven tips from parents themselves.

Instant Learning® Tips For ADD-ADHD Success

If you have ADD-ADHD or live with someone who does, this newsletter contains powerful articles, practical tips, strategies, and resources to help you manage ADD-ADHD and also understand how to use its gifts. This newsletter takes into account your lack of time and gives you one-stop access to the latest resources and information on ADD-ADHD.

Instant Learning® Tips For Brain-Smart, Body-Smart

This newsletter contains a wide variety of topics exclusively designed to maximize your learning and improve your brain and body health. You’ll find articles, tips and resources to enhance your brain power and memory, as well as the most up-to-date research on topics like anti-aging and practical ways to improve your health.

Instant Learning® Tips For Workplace Success

If you are an employer, employee, or self-employed and want to learn faster, make training more effective, and boost productivity, this newsletter is exclusively for you. It contains the latest tips, resources and strategies for one-step access to success in the workplace. You’ll receive powerful articles, and reviews of the very latest information relevant to the workplace.

Instant Learning® Tips for Teaching Success

Teaching is a unique experience, and you need information and results “yesterday”! You don’t have time for a lot of theory so in this newsletter you’ll get proven tips, strategies, continuing education course and resources that work. Plus, you’ll get to hear from other teachers and experts with information they’ve used to save you time and energy, and make your classroom a more peaceful and successful place. If you’re pressed to help your students succeed in a high-stakes “test-crazy” world, this is the one newsletter you’ll be glad you have.

Instant Learning® Tips For Homeschooling Success

If you are homeschooling now, or deciding whether you should, this newsletter contains articles, curriculum resource reviews, and the latest tips, resources and strategies to make your homeschooling experience positive, peaceful and effective.

Instant Learning® Tips For Student Success

This newsletter is created especially for students, from grade school through college. You’ll discover why learning is not about being smart, it’s about strategy, and what those strategies are that make your life a whole lot easier. You’ll get proven tips, resources and strategies to show you how to cut your learning time in half, remember more and how to get yourself more motivated. Different from all the rest, you’ll find out how to use your own personal learning style, and how to add some strategies from other styles, to get “Amazing Grades”!

Instant Learning® Tips For Success With Special Needs Children

If you have a special needs child, this newsletter is jam packed with the most up-to-date resources, tips and strategies for you. You will have access to the latest experts and materials to help your child succeed.

Instant Learning® Tips on Spirituality

If you’re looking for inner peace or simply want to learn more about spiritual topics, this newsletter will give you access to the latest information and experts on spirituality.