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Jeff Goelitz 250x327Jeff Goelitz, Institute of HeartMath

Stress solutions expert and author, education specialist, program developer for world stress research and education leader Institute of HeartMath. Vast knowledge and understanding of behavior, social and emotional learning gained over 35 years working with and developing solutions for children and adults.

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  1. Mother-Baby Study Supports Heart-Brain Interactions
  2. Stopping the Bullying 
  3. emWave® Technology Helping Children on the Autism Spectrum
  4. Children and Media Technology
  5. Childhood Obesity and Emotional Eating
  6. Take a Wild Ride to the Heart
  7. HeartMath Helping Students at StarShine Academy
  8. Effectiveness With Diverse Groups of Youth
  9. Early HeartSmarts® Study: Preschoolers in Salt Lake City learned socio-emotional skills in HeartMath program interventions

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