Welcome to Create Your Best Life With Gratitude Course

What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way when I learned to be grateful no matter what happened in my life. Oprah Winfrey

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Welcome to Your Create Your Best Life with Gratitude!

Day 1 is the introduction and overview of what you will learn in the course.

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Hi, I’m Pat Wyman. I’m so grateful you’re here and I will be your guide through the gratitude course.

Jus so you can know a little bit more about me: I’m a mom, lover of golden retrievers, CEO of HowtoLearn.com and author of over 15 books, including The One-Minute Gratitude Journal: For the Moments That Matter.

Today, I want to share the overview of the course and what you can expect to learn, as well as a personal story of how gratitude changed my life.

Materials You’ll Need:

Your computer or phone with access to your email each day for the next four days.

Your gratitude journal

For this course we are using The One-Minute Gratitude Journal: For the Moments that MatterClick here to get the book on Amazon if you don’t already have it. 

Gratitude is a beautiful practice and over 100 studies show it truly has the power to change lives.

Here’s what happend for me after a year of journaling my gratitude.

My Big Wake-Up Call 

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor.

While it turned out it was not cancerous, it still created several very serious problems related to my health and well-being.

Having the doctor tell me about the tumor was an instant wake-up call!

As you might imagine, I questioned everything in my life and everything about my life.

Once I was able to center myself and collect my thoughts, here is what I decided to do.

Instead of The Recommended Surgery, I Opted for Gratitude Instead

As a mom, with kids in school and still at home at that time, instead of the surgery that the doctor recommended, I knew there had to be a better option, so I chose to practice gratitude instead.

I decided to consciously add more gratitude to life every single day.

I wanted to infuse gratitude into my cells, (instead of concentrating on the illness) and experience a much deeper gratitude than what we typically think of as the words “thank you.”

Of course, I ate healthy and took really good care of myself too, but typically, I did that anyway.

The tumor caused me to gain over 60 pounds in a very short amount of time, as well as feel completely exhausted all the time and have severe, stabbing, pounding pain in my head.

So, even though I took care of myself physically, there is more to my story.

I made a conscious decision to have a deeper gratitude for everyone and everything in my life and practice gratitude throughout the day, in all parts of my life. Not just every once in a while either.

I wrote down what I was grateful for every single day and sometimes, twice a day. Once in the mornig and once in the evening.

I discovered, as I practiced gratitude more, that I found it everywhere.

I was grateful for my family, friends, the ability to walk, stand, use my hands, be able to think, the weather, my home, and all the lovely gifts that each new day brought.

Even down to the smallest things we often take for granted – like air to breathe, clean water to drink, I journaled what I was thankful for in my life.

The Results of My Year of Gratitude Journaling

The more I journaled my gratitude, the less pain I experienced and I felt happier too!

Instead of focusing on the fear, I focused on what was great in my life.

Over time, I began to feel better and have more energy.

I even started losing some of the weight the tumor had caused, even though I was not dieting.

A Year Later, My Tumor Was Gone!

One year, almost to the day I began my gratitude practice, I returned to the doctor and the tumor was gone!

The doctor even made me repeat the MRI twice. He was amazed to say the least.

Why I Share This Course on Gratitude

Some years later, after my tumor was gone, I knew I wanted to write a gratitude journal and share it with others.

And once I finished the book, I created this free short course to help share the enormous benefits of gratitude with everyone.

I am certain, that with a bit of time and this information, you’ll notice that your life is more and more joyful and things you once thought were difficult will fade into the background.

Once you focus your thoughts are on everything that is right with your life you’ll see the setbacks turn into opportunities to be even more grateful.

Enjoy the course, and during the next 3 days, along with your morning coffee, here is what you’ll learn.

Here is What You’ll Learn in The Course

Day 2 – What is Gratitude Anyway? It may be more than you think…

Day 3   – Awesome Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude

Day 4   Gratitude Gift Wrapped – How to Prioritize Meaning and Happiness in Your Life – AND Activate Happiness in Just One Minute a Day

Each day, there will be a short Lean Into Gratitude Practice.

Lean Into Gratitude Practice Day 1

Take just a minute today to write in your gratitude journal 3 things you are grateful for in your life – it could be your morning coffee, family, friends, that you have a place to live and sleep, or even that the weather is nice.

Be sure to include why you’re grateful also. Example: I’m so grateful for my friend Molly because she makes me laugh!

Enjoy the beautiful quotes at the top of each page in your journal and also notice that there’s a box at the bottom of each page with prompts you can write more in.

Plus, there’s a week at a glance layout – 3 days on the left side of the page, and 4 days on the right side of the page.

The entries are also undated, so that if you miss a day, you won’t feel guilty! If you like to color, several people have emailed me that they enjoy the different designs at the top of each page and coloring them in.

As you go through your day today challenge yourself to find at least 20 things you are grateful for: your car that takes you where you want to go, your ability to see, the kindness of a stranger, the comfort of your home…

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In gratitude,

Pat Wyman