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  • Get Higher Grades
  • Rule Out Any Learning Roadblocks That Could be In the Way of Your Child’s Success
  • Find out How to Solve Learning Challenges

When you want to learn how to learn or help your child or student who has a learning challenge, there a few important steps to take in order to build a strong foundation for learning, discover the real cause of the problem, and how to solve it.

  1. Find out how you and your child learn best by taking the FREE Personal Learning Styles Quiz on the home page. This tells you how to personalize learning to how your child learns best. After taking this inventory, you will receive a series of emails with more information about what each style means and how to leverage the power of your child’s learning style.
  2. Rule out whether visual stress or visual perceptual problems are getting in the way of reading and writing. Take the FREE Eye-Q Reading Inventory here.
  3. Get higher grades in 14 days using the Instant Learning ® Strategies in the Amazing Grades digital book. This book gives you a study skills system and strategies for higher grades in all subject areas.
  4. Before your exams, eat more protein and fewer carbs. Do what doctors say and boost your brain power by taking omega 3’s or eating more wild fish and nuts. Reduce sugar in the diet since it makes your blood sugar drop and makes you tired shortly after eating the sugar.
  5. Get all your learning questions answered, and get help, hope and support in our Your Learning Questions Answered Private Facebook Community.