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Colin Rose

Colin Rose

Colin Rose founded Accelerated Learning Systems Ltd in 1985 after writing the original book Accelerated Learning in 1983 – which has sold over 500,000 copies in over 8 languages. He has been researching how people learn for over 25 years.

The practical outcomes of his extensive research include courses to teach foreign languages and learning and thinking skill programmes that are used in almost 40% of all English secondary schools. In addition Colin has co-written a pre-school learning programme and a successful series of language courses – including on-line courses to teach English for Japanese, Greek, Polish and Spanish speakers. Independent research shows these courses can teach English 5 times faster than conventional courses. He has consulted for the UK Department of Education and Skills, and many multinational companies. He is a frequent presenter at international educational conferences. The Accelerated Learning method synthesises the work of over 100 key educational researchers and is a simple model of learning that makes effective learning a skill within the reach of everyone. His company, Accelerated Learning Systems Ltd is part of a consortium that has just been awarded a £5 million grant from the EU for the development of the innovative Teaching of Science and Mathematics in Poland, via e-books and an interactive web site.
Colin is married with four children.

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